I am Roos (Rose)

I help Starseeds & Lightworkers awaken with Human Design.

I believe we are going through a time of collective awakening. Lightworkers (including Starseeds) are deeply involved in this process. Whether you are a frequency holder or you have some type of spiritual mission professionally, you need to love who you are and find belonging within. Only then can you hold a higher frequency for the world. I am here for those that have always felt like they were outcasts and didn’t belong in this world. With Human Design, I help you understand who you are, so you can live an empowered life.

Through various tools like 5d practices, starseed remembrance and guide connection I bring you back home within. 

Mayasana means ‘being in the Maya’. Maya in Sanskrit is the life we experience on this earthly plane, sometimes called the illusion. Asana means ‘being in’ – when we are aware that we are a spiritual being experiencing a human life, we can actually start to embody who we truly are. 

Awakening by trusting your intuition.

My whole life I thought I had to compensate for my sensitive boundaries, deep emotions and introverted nature. Now, my high sensitivity has become my instrument to notice subtle energies and make connections to help you realign.

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Flow with me

My mission is to assist sensitive souls to reclaim their intuitive abilities and awaken to their soul. I no longer offer 1:1 Readings as I believe it is best to get your own connection to the divine. I teach this in my courses like Reclaim your psychic self and Guide Connection. I occasionally offer personal services in my bigcartel webshop, subscribe to my mailinglist to get notified when spots open.