I am Roos (Rose) Stokkel

I help sensitives understand how their energy works. We’re going on a mystical journey to reclaim your intuition & gifts. I offer clarity in your energy field, so you can transform your life. Your unique self with your soul signature will be uncovered. 

Mayasana means ‘embodiment‘. Maya in Sanskrit is the life we experience on this earthly plane. Asana means ‘being in’ – expressing your soul completely in this dimension, that’s what my Healing is meant for!

Living magically by trusting your intuition.

My whole life I thought I had to compensate for my sensitive boundaries, deep emotions and introverted nature. Now, my high sensitivity has become my instrument to notice subtle energies and make connections to help you realign.

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Flow with me

I am always creating new healing venues, sharing my creative flow. Everything is aimed at my mission of assisting sensitive souls to realign, reclaim their intuitive abilities and awaken to their soul. My offerings change regularly to keep the energy fresh, so don’t hesitate to book or order something, as it might be gone soon. Currently I offer various courses & meditations.

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