5D in Practice Course

We are going through a collective shift to 5D.

Our body is naturally moving towards full ascension.

We need to support the MIND in this process, so that it can be in service to the body moving through the ascension and make it much quicker, more intentional, and easier.


You are able to tap into immediate PAIN RELIEF: you know what to do to align to your highest version, even in the midst of struggles.

‘5D’ is no longer just a concept, but a LIVED EXPERIENCE.

As your healing progresses, QUANTUM SHIFTS START HAPPENING.

You feel the RADICAL SELF-LOVE of meeting yourself where you are on all levels. You are honoring your humanity and divinity deeply, bringing it all into EMBODIMENT and have the tools to support yourself in any ascension symptom that arises.

This course is for you if…

  • You feel like 5D ‘it is only for spiritual bypassers’
  • You feel like you are way too broken to be in 5D all the time or will be left behind in the ascension

I will break down comparison and perfectionism around 5D, bust spiritual myths in the new age community, and will instead explain practically what it actually means and show how we can meet ourselves with self-love through it. So that we can playfully practice shifting to 5D! This shift is real and when you need to know more about it on a practical and authentic level, you will resonate with this course.


Included in the course

  • direct access to the self-paced course
  • over 4 hrs of video material
  • 6 modules on the body’s ascension, how we experience the shifting process, the signs of 5D, practices and how to integrate
  • list of characteristics of 3D, 4D & 5D
  • traversing the lower astral
  • timeline shifting
  • the role of the heart
  • the role of the sun
  • lightcodes to sustain the 5D shift
  • the difference in healing trauma
  • complete transparancy into my own process & 5D practices

…Taking the 5D course, I am learning so much, it feels like I’m going through an upgrade or something! The shifts I have been making feel palpable in my life. 

So many thanks for sharing your knowledge and light! I am so thankful that our paths have crossed. 

J. Patzwald

NOTE: this course is part of the discounted Lightworker Bundle which includes 5 courses: