Roos Stokkel, 1990

My name is pronouned (and means) ‘Rose’. I’m Dutch. I was a very sensitive and artistic child. I knew what was up emotionally when people weren’t in tune with themselves, but my sensitivity didn’t get the space it needed. As an empath Crystal child, I developed chronic eczema. I turned inward. I became a silent child and found my refuge in reading fantasy books, drawing and writing. After high school I tried out different directions that ultimately fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Firstly I tried Psychobiology at the university to understand the relationship between mind and body, but the academical world didn’t give me answers about the spiritual side of life. I couldn’t function in a regular study and found out I was highly sensitive. Many puzzle pieces fell into place! And I took my first steps in a direction that really made me passionate: self expression. I went to art academy to develop my creative side. But I got stuck with recurring eczema at my throat. This was mindboggling to me, because I thought this was the perfect place to express myself. But I wasn’t aware of how much I had learnt to bulldoze my sensitivity and tried to be extraverted. I couldn’t protect my vulnerability and didn’t have a brake on what to express or not.

I completely exhausted myself and quit art school in 2012, the year of collective awakening. I ran into the Human Design system and learnt I shouldn’t manifest so hard, but allow life to come to me instead. Time for a big change. I started traveling to ecovillages. In the quiet, pure lifestyle in connection to nature I found paradise. Soon this started showing cracks, because when I wanted to express myself it wasn’t freely allowed and my health issues were still present. I arrived at no mans’ land and had to find my paradise within.

This was my dark night of the soul. I decided to pursue the spiritual path and started an almost 5-year long schooling to become a Healer. It reminded me of my spiritual gifts, healed the trauma around my sensitivity and awakened me to being the healer that I had always been.

For four years, I grounded and opened more and more. For the first time, I set real boundaries, like eating different at family dinners, ending friendships from the past where I wasn’t myself, finding a balance between my inner world and outside stimulation, making time for meditation and gathering inspiration etc.

I healed the loneliness of my sensitivity by connecting to like-minded people. I started hosting spiritual gatherings and led guided meditations in groups of other young highly sensitives. My symptoms healed, now that I no longer antagonized myself, but chose the things that felt good and set boundaries in alignment with my sensitivity. I started creating again, in a way I hadn’t dared to before in art school: with spiritual dimensions! I found out I was a Crystal Child: deeply sensitive and creative, with a natural gift for healing and channeling. I started sharing channeling, light language, healing information and paintings where I showed energy. I started my business as a Healer and chose an introverted, pure lifestyle connected to nature and lots of time to create and recharge. Eventually my physical symptoms disappeared.

I deeply desire to share this acceptance of sensitivity, also through the darker phases of your life. I love connecting sensitives to their own inner guidance system and intuition that has often been buried beneath layers of judgment. So that they can ground their psychic, empath, Starseed self into their body and live an authentic life. With my insight in the human energy system I want to help others now too. I have found out that the sensitivity I was so ashamed of, is in fact my biggest gift, and with it, I can tune in deeply to realign energy.

My method of healing is practical, nuanced and sensitive. It’s based on various courses and schooling (listed below), but most of all, my own Higher Self and guides and my life experience teaching me how to heal myself and others.

    • Basic-Level in Human and Universal Energy® (2012)
    • Intuïtieve Ontwikkeling – Instituut Mens & Intuïtie (2013)
    • Healing – Instituut Mens & Intuïtie (2014)
    • Reading- Instituut Mens & Intuïtie (2015)
    • Human Design Rave ABC’s – Human Design Wise (2016)
    • Lightworker – Instituut Mens & Intuïtie (2016-2018)
    • Psychic Protection Course – Gigi Young (2020)
    • Inner Mystic Course – Gigi Young (2020)
    • Various courses from Xena the Light (2022)
    • Parasympathetic Breathwork by Sigourney Weldon (May-August 2023)