Thank you for considering booking my services! Here you can book your sessions in CET (Central European Time, Amsterdam). Please use a time zone converter if you live in a different time zone. Session will happen either through Zoom or in my practice in Zwolle (Nederland). Please note that Sunday options are for timezones only that are more than 9 hrs away which can make scheduling on weekdays difficult. 

You will get a confirmation email of your booking and I will send you an email with the invoice that can be paid either through PayPal or iDeal (Nederland). If you have trouble formulating a question or healing intention, please just fill in a word or theme and keep it as concise as possible, as we will hone in on this further through email and in the session itself! I can work with and tune into anything so you don't have to have it all figured out before the session. If you haven't heard from me after 2 days please email me at 
You can only use this booking form to book a session as this is timeslot based. For card or distance Reading services, please look at those pages on how to book.