Channeling mentorship

Open your channel

…and receive loving guidance!

This mentorship is for you if…

  • You’ve always wanted to channel
  • You have trouble trusting what you are receiving, or discerning between your mind and the guides
  • You are a lightworker, Starseed, empath, or intuitive
  • You can feel that you have untapped psychic gifts, but don’t know how to fully access them, or use them
  • Or you already have a psychic/intuitive practice going on, but feel exhausted, unclear, or afraid of negative entities, and are in need of balance and sustainability in your psychic work
  • You are yearning for the love and support from your guides and Spirit
  • You are ready to a shift to a higher consciousness

What’s included

  • 2 ebooks: Channeling & Connecting to your guides
  • A clair test: which clair sense is dominant?
  • Parasympathetic Breathwork session, to open the channel
  • “Meet your guide” ceremony
  • 4 Channeling instruction/practice sessions
  • 2 Integration calls
  • Light language activations
  • Guided meditations to download
  • All of the course material in an online portal
  • Email contact throughout
  • Personalized exercises and support


The mentorship will take 3 months. Weekly sessions help you sustain the growth and keep the portal open. There is a total of 8 sessions/calls on Zoom.

€2.222 pif discount

or 3 monthly terms of €747,-