Client agreement

Client agreement

I love helping you with my services. Please read this statement carefully to ensure we both get the most of out this experience.

Services & disclaimer

I offer Healing & Reading services and will intuitively use any spiritual modality that I feel will serve you the most. Please note that I’m not a licensed therapist or counsellor. The advice I offer is not medical advice. I will go out of my way to ensure you will have the most spiritually realigning experience possible although it may not feel comfortable. I will ensure we will have concluded the services by resolving any distress that has come up, but it is possible additional triggers may arise after the session. Please communicate this so we can discuss booking another session or other service to resolve these issues as well, or so you can switch services with other professionals. By booking this service you agree to understand this fully and do not hold me responsible for any negative repercussions that may arise from my services. You also acknowledge that you have the choice to ask any questions or express what makes you uncomfortable at any time. You are free to take what resonates and discard any advice. I’m not liable for any of the client’s decisions, actions or results after the session. I have the right to refuse service to anyone I feel uncomfortable with.


Everything that occurs in the session will be kept confidential. Your data will only be used for bookkeeping purposes to show the Dutch tax services (belastingdienst). I will not share your personal information, name, address and email address with anyone else. By booking this service you agree to my use of examples from sessions or our correspondence if this may serve to teach publicly, as I will remove all information that could identify you before I share it.

Payment Information

No refund for courses, ebooks and guided meditations. Make sure you resonate with the flowing style I use on my YouTube before buying a course as the material will be in the same style. Refunds for sessions are not possible but you can re-schedule on acuity if something comes up. You must use all sessions within 3 months of the date of purchase, otherwise they will be invalid. The forms of payment I accept at this time are Paypal, Stripe and iDeal. Prices are in Euros.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot make an appointment, please reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance by emailing me. Otherwise the session will be forfeit and no refund is possible. If you miss more than 2 appointments without notice we will terminate working together. With packages, sessions need to be booked consecutively ever 1-2 weeks, any missed sessions will be forfeit. Thank you for your consideration of both myself and other clients in regards to scheduling.

Intellectual Property

I offer resources in the form of courses, ebooks, guided meditation audios, videos, written out documents, paintings and photographs. All of this content is owned by me and considered my intellectual property unless stated otherwise. Anything that I have personally created may only be for personal use and not shared or re-sold in any way unless you have permission from me.

Dispute Resolution

In the rare case a dispute or disagreement occurs, I kindly suggest we attempt to work it out between us without getting the law involved. I prefer you contact me before taking legal action. I am kind and loving and want to provide you with the best experience possible, so please feel free to openly communicate anything about your boundaries, emotions and needs.

Governing Law

This contract is governed by the laws of the Netherlands where my business is located and run. If any legal action needs to be taken, it will be done under the laws of the location stated above.

Acknowledgement and Consent to Receive Services

By paying for and booking with me, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the conditions stated above, are at least 18 years old and do not hold Roos Stokkel (or her company Mayasana) liable for any negative consequences arising from her services.