HD Reading + Generator course

Only order if birth time is known! 4 page pdf on your Human Design chart + your type course. Not €187 but €166!

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Order the Genius Generator course below, and get access through the link in your email! Tap into the energetics of what it means to be a Generator with this course, and unlock your gifts!

In this course:

  • 5 in depth videos that go into the ENERGETICS of what it means to be a Generator, including a sacral session (yes/no questions to practice your response with)
  • 2 guided meditations to really FEEL and EMBODY your strategy by aligning your aura, what it actually is to ‘wait to respond’
  • a light language activation that will activate your Generator alignment, working directly into your energy field
  • overview of all topics covered

When you have ordered, you will get your access information through the receipt.