HD Reading + Manifestor course

Only order if birth time is known! 4 page pdf on your Human Design chart + your type course. Not €187 but €166!

You’ll receive the course directly in your inbox, and the Reading within 2 weeks. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to send in your birth data.

This course will put you in your POWER as a Manifestor through direct experience in the guided meditations.

In this course:

  • 3 in depth videos about the Manifestor ENERGETICS, what it really means to have a ‘closed/repelling’ aura, the relationship between anger, making yourself small and your pure creative power
  • 3 guided meditations to start healing the Manifestor wound and really FEEL how your aura impacts, how to move with your energy instead of against it
  • a light language activation to activate your Manifestor alignment, this works directly into your energy field
  • overview of all the information

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