Human Design GENERAL Reading

This is a 4 page pdf file with the overview of your chart. It covers the most important elements that come forward from your chart, including:

  • type
  • profile
  • inner authority
  • nodes
  • channels
  • incarnation cross
  • and any additional striking elements like completely open centers, single/split definition, reoccuring themes, etc.
  • At the end, there is a conclusion that combines it all into one smooth story. Your Human Design, summarized.

You’ll receive personalized, customized information in every section, not just rehashed automated paragraphs. I weave in insights in how YOU are a Generator (or any other type), using your chart to personalize this description. For Reflectors, I go into motivation, instead of channels.

By booking this service, you understand and agree that I can only provide this when you know your exact birth time. If you don’t know this (or at least have an approximate enough window, email me first when in doubt), I simply can’t do a Reading for you. It is needed to make your birth chart, just like your birth date and place. Instructions on how to provide these data are in the confirmation email of your purchase. If you forgot, I will email you. If you booked without knowing your birth time and you also can’t get this information, you will get a refund but I will subtract some administration costs.

By purchasing this service, you agree to everything stated above, and agree to provide BIRTH TIME, DATE and PLACE.