Magnetic MG

Order the Magnetic Manifesting Generator course below, and get access through the link in your email! Tap into your immense magic and magnetism with this course.

In this course:

  • 4 in depth videos on what it means to be a Manifesting Generator, your challenges, unique gifts and how to unlock all of that magic and magnetism
  • 3 guided meditations you can actually FEEL and EMBODY your strategy instead of it being something from your mind, and start healing a common Manifesting Generator wound
  • light language transmission to activate your Manifesting Generator alignment, this works directly into your energy field
  • overview of all the information

Testimonial for the course

Can I just say how AWESOME the MG course is??? The meditation is sooo good! And then I did the light language afterwards. So much bliss I can die in peace now haha. really looking forward to trying the receptivity wound one. You also have the perfect voice for these meditations because my body responds with a big YES to it and opens up my aura effortlessly. And your sacral sound that you did in the light language so powerful and activating. Also i have finally for the first time with my mind and body understand what my response really feels like. Yees!!

– Anika senic

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