30 min Reading

Ask your guides your burning questions.

  • Our guides know us best, because they are part of us.

  • They can give direct advice on how to handle a situation.

  • After a Reading you will have more clarity and inner peace, even if you might not ‘know’ everything yet.

I will either channel the answer or guide you through a meditation to find it yourself – whichever the guides would like.

What you can ask about:

  • Aura colour
  • Past lives
  • ET guides
  • Life decisions
  • Life purpose
  • our your own question! 

These 30 min Readings are €70,- (85,52 USD) through Paypal and will be held through Zoom.

Working with Roos was a fantastic experience I had some questions that I didn’t know exactly how to articulate so I got a general reading and Roos answered them clearly. She has a very warm and activating energy I would highly recommend! – Nick

Please note that the guides don’t always answer questions directly. Sometimes they think it’s best for your life path to just get a healing, receive reassurance that you’re on the right path, or make you aware of a pattern that needs to be healed first. I’m just following their guidance in the Reading.

If you would like a quick check-in with your spirit guides, apply for a Reading through my Calendar, and you’ll receive your Paypal invoice shortly after:

Book your 30 min Reading here

If you have any questions about this service, send an email to contact@roosstokkel.com .

“Because of Rose’s Reading and clear description I got answers and insights in what I can do to take steps in the right direction for me. An eye opener that I really recognize myself in but needed Rose to navigate me home. Far away can be closer than I thought  😊.”  – Elly

“I still use your Reading everyday – I sometimes use the wise words as my new mantra!”