30 min Reading

After a Reading, you will have more clarity and inner peace, even if you might not ‘know’ everything yet.

I will either channel the answer or guide you through a meditation to find it yourself – whichever the guides would like.

What you can ask about:

  • Past lives
  • ET guides
  • Life decisions
  • Life purpose
  • our your own question! 

These 30 min Readings are €75,- (around 84,41 USD) through Paypal and will be held through Zoom.

Working with Roos was a fantastic experience. I had some questions that I didn’t know exactly how to articulate, so I got a general reading and Roos answered them clearly. She has a very warm and activating energy I would highly recommend! – Nick

Please note that the guides don’t always answer questions directly. Sometimes they think it’s best for your life path to just get a healing or make you aware of a pattern that needs to be healed first. I’m just following their guidance in the Reading. This is how a Reading always includes Healing too. This way, you can feel, rather than ‘know’ the answer. 

NOTE: if you have followed a package with me before: please book a session, not a Reading. In the sessions I help you tune into your intuition and we will have the space to go deeper into your questions in the way you’re used to from the package. You can just send an email to contact@roosstokkel.com 

Apply for a Reading through my Calendar, and you’ll receive your Paypal invoice shortly after:

Book your 30 min Reading here

If you have any questions about this service, send an email to contact@roosstokkel.com .

The reading was a breath of fresh air as the grounded approach and down to earth guidance was a wholesome blend of passion, curiosity and a humane experience that felt personal. Many of the lessons Roos taught me resonated to a fascinating degree which has created lasting change in my life, thanks to this I’ve achieved a new sense of peace and alignment with my sense of oneness and purpose. Roos’ patience is something to behold and has inspired me to bring such grace to my daily challenges while also being bold in sharing my sense of self with the world. Thank you very much – Francis

“Because of Rose’s Reading and clear description I got answers and insights in what I can do to take steps in the right direction for me. An eye opener that I really recognize myself in but needed Rose to navigate me home. Far away can be closer than I thought  😊.”  – Elly

“I still use your Reading everyday – I sometimes use the wise words as my new mantra!”