Aura Reading

Our aura is the energy field around us. It contains colors, movements and shapes that show who we are. It directly bypasses who we think we are! Instead, it shows us our magnificence.

Our aura shows our inborn talents and gifts

For example, an Indigo aura has an inborn bullshit detector: piercing through illusion and deceit, as well as having the warrior energy to make a stand against it. You can also have a streak of Indigo in your aura, combined with other colors or ‘waves’ of lightworkers (crystals, blue rays, rainbows etc).

Every aura is beautifully different and no color or wave is better than the other, just like with our physical bodies. Knowing our aura color can bring a deeper level of self-acceptance and self-love.

I’ll focus on both the primary aura color (that you were born with) and aura weather (current life themes, energies and emotions). You can ask any questions during the second part of the 30 min Reading.


30 min


€100,- (112,55 USD).

How to book

Step 1: send me an email titled ‘Aura Reading’ with your name and at least 2 recent photos of yourself, against a white, grey or black background (preferably white).

Step 2: book your time slot in my schedule a week in advance, so I have enough divination time to catch as much aura layers as possible.

You’ll receive an invoice after booking (Paypal for international clients).