Card Reading

Do you need quick guidance?
Get a supporting and loving message?

A card reading is ideal to look at your life with new insight and inspiration!

What? You get a main card from the Mystic Moments Oracle with a bonus card from intuitively picked other oracles*. You get a beautifully designed pdf with a picture of the cards. This will have around 3 cards, unless my intuition tells me otherwise. You also get a personally attuned reading on the cards, channeled from your guides and energy field.

How? Send an email to with your question clearly stated. I’ll contact you in 24 hrs.

When? In a few days after commissioning you will get your card reading in your mailbox.

How much? €25,-

*For Example: Frequency Tarot by Teal Swan, (translated) Weg van de Ziel, Angel cards, the Elf Oracle, Rider Waite Tarot. 


“Beautifully designed, clear, short but very effective reading. Encouraging, enlightening and spot on in a few words!” – Wilma

“I’ve followed Rose for a while now on Instagram and had the idea to contact her, because I think what she does is very beautiful and interesting. When she offered a Black Friday card reading, it was time so I decided to reply. After asking a clear question I got a clear answer that was put together succinctly in words with a beautiful picture of the spread. The answer I got was a confirmation of and resonated with what I felt and the place I was in.

Rose concisely worded what I couldn’t put my finger on. This had made it clear what I can work on short term. It has given me just that little nudge that I need to seriously commit to something. I’m grateful for making this approachable beautiful experience!” – Bianca