Distance Reading

A message of inspiration, support and love.

Get a Reading & channeling through email. Distance doesn’t matter in energy work! I connect to your energy field in response to your question. You get a pdf with a description of all of the messages that came through from your guides and own essence. You can feel the love and connection to your own inner being through this Reading. Often there is a clarifying practice or guided meditation included, sometimes with advice of healing gemstones, rituals and herbs.

I can help with relationships, life questions, choices, a deeper meaning behind physical illness and other things you want a spiritual outlook on. If you specifically want to focus on a special kind of Reading, please state this with your commission. 

About channeling:

“You can come home. In our loving words, so much more love and light will shine through than the words seem to express, all for you to receive. The healing power of a channeling is opening a gate to let these energies come through. There are messages interwoven in the words that speak to your heart directly. Feel free and be welcome to open yourself.”
– Archangel Rafael.

With bigger or more complex questions it can be that more Readings are needed, I will of course this discuss this with you.

How: You’ll get the personally attuned Reading in pdf format in your mailbox.

When: In the week after your booking.

How to book: Submit your question (or ask for a general Reading) through the form below. Please pay before booking through the Paypal button below. I will contact you in 24 hrs to confirm your commission.

By paying & booking, you are agreeing to the client agreement so please read this carefully.

Please pay through Paypal by clicking the button below, it will ask for an address that will be used only for bookkeeping purposes:


“I still use your Reading everyday – I sometimes use the wise words as my new mantra!”

“Because of Rose’s Reading and clear description I got answers and insights in what I can do to take steps in the right direction for me. An eye opener that I really recognize myself in but needed Rose to navigate me home. Far away can be closer than I thought  😊.”  – Elly

Thank you so much for your Reading! I’m so happy with it! The moment you did the Reading I did some things in my home that I hadn’t been able to do for weeks. I also got a big feeling of love, support and trust reading your words. I printed it and read it still once in a while, as a beautiful reminder to myself and what I can work on. So again, thank you so much! And I think the work you do is really beautiful!” – Merel

“Wow! Thank you for your Reading. Beautifully written and I recognize every word. It touches me deeply!”

“Thank you so much for your beautiful Reading, Rose. It was really moving when I read it for the first time and I had a feeling of coming home to myself. You worded really well what I had been feeling for a long time and the Reading gave me new insights as well. It gives me the power to be true to myself and live from my own truth and follow my own path. I will read your Reading over and over again to keep remembering this.” – Anke