Dream course

Every part of the dream is the dreamer. But who is the dreamer? – David Lynch

Do you have (recurring) dreams that want to tell you something? 
Do you want more influence over your reality?
Uncover your blindspots in a naturally designed way to integrate?
Go through life with more flow?

Dream interpretation is a shortcut to mastery over your reality!

Are you afraid that there are subconscious parts of you that sabotage your life?
Do your dreams confuse you or cloud your mood and judgment?

We dream every night (even if you don’t remember) and can use the wisdom of our dreams in our daily lives.

You will become aware of the inner resistance you have as well as your deepest desires. Through this you can attain mastery over your reality. Because if you work with your dreams, you will enhance your manifestation capacities!

Every morning you will get a kickstart of your Higher Self, if you work with your dreams!

The dream course is a trajectory in which you will be assisted in interpreting your dreams. I will help you with the difficulties of this process and you can surrender to guided meditations to heal and shift your frequency. 

You will get a package deal with:

  1. Directions to remember your dreams.
  2. Invaluable information about the nature of dreaming and our reality.
  3. Exercises to interpret your dreams.
  4. A safe space to heal any emotional charges that come up in this inner journey.

This will come through:

  1. Ebook ‘Dreamwork’, with all of the exercises and background information.
  2. 4 sessions of 1,5 – 2 hrs to work with your dreams.
  3. Free get to know me call through Zoom.
  4. Mail contact to assist and support your process.

Do you dare to jump into your subconscious?
Do you want to become the conscious dreamer of your reality?

Dream investment:

€599,-, including ebook and sessions. An investment in a deep trajectory after which you will be able to utilize your dream world for the rest of your life.


This unfolds naturally. It can take 2 or 8 weeks, depending of the frequency of the sessions and the time that is needed to practice remembering and collecting your dreams. Sometimes a dream needs to be interpreted directly, so you will be able to book the sessions individually, directly through my calendar.

What can you expect?

  • From now on you can interpret every dream you have for the rest of your life.
  • More inner coherence: your level of integration goes up, through exploring your dream parts. This causes less inner conflict!
  • More flow through life.
  • Methods to deal with nasty nightmares.
  • Lots of self awareness: treasure hunting in your own subconscious.
  • More of a sense of overview in your life, maybe even lucidity in living and dreaming!

You will get unlimited mail contact and I’ll send you messages from the guides when necessary.

Book your dream course by sending me an email at contact@roosstokkel.com

Or book your free Connection Call immediately through my calendar and we’ll start off the course after that! https://calendly.com/mayasana