Healing transmission

Relax with a guided meditation
Personalized to your energy
Infused with healing transmissions

You will receive an audiofile of 10-30 minutes. You can listen back to this again and again to let the healing transmissions completely integrate. The audiofile is infused with distance healing, as well as directions to align your energy field to what you desire.

Receive an intuitively attuned meditations or focused on specific subjects like: relaxation, meeting your spirit guides or animals, chakra healing, cutting energy cords, releasing relationships, physical ailments etc.

If you aren’t very familiar with guided meditations or visualization, you can state this in your commission and I will tune into that as well. Don’t worry: the healing transmissions will be effective either way. You can just relax and let it wash over you.

Here’s an example of a guided meditation and healing transmission:

Price: €99,- €50 (temporary start discount!)

Commission your guided meditation through the contact form below. You will get an email back in a couple of days with a Paypal invoice, and after that your guided meditation file, downloaded easily through Wetransfer.

Before you place the order, carefully read the client agreement.