I am Roos (Rose) Stokkel

I help woman understand the limiting patterns that get them stuck in life. We’re going on an emotional journey to activate your self-healing powers. I offer clarity in your energy system and show you how to be gentle and soft with yourself by surrendering with the dark goddess, so you can transform your life. Your unique self with all of your natural gifts will be uncovered through Human Design and Akasha Reading so you can shine and radiate again!

Living magically by trusting your inner guidance.

My passion is to find healing words, images and correspondences. What do you need so you can move forward and live from you soul? I love applying my creativity for a personally attuned Healing and Reading both through videochat and email.

I use text, paintings, Human Design, the dark goddess archetype, crystals, herbs and card readings. My high sensitivity has become my instrument to notice subtle energies and make connections so you can get an overview of your life again and the empowerment to walk you own path.

Do you want to learn more about me?  –>  ABOUT ME.

Mayasana means ‘embodiment‘. Maya in Sanskrit is the life we experience on this earthly plane. Asana means ‘being in’ – expressing your soul completely in this dimension, that’s what my Healing is meant for!


Sessions. To let your energy flow again. I will tune into you and a healing bath of energy will emerge. All spiritual questions are welcome concerning blocks in life. Through Zoom. 

Transformation Package. Deep transformation and self insight. This is for people that dare to look in the mirror and transform for embodied living and integration of their essence into their daily lives. With attuned, practical tools and healing, regular mail contact. Through Zoom.

I also offer specializations, I will translate these pages and ebooks shortly.

Contact me at contact@roosstokkel.com if you don’t know which service suits you and I will tune into you.

A free 20 min Connection Call to see if you want to work with me is always possible!

Want to connect quickly? I have a (Dutch) portfolioaccount on Instagram and my English account