Intuitive Transformation Package

Reclaim your psychic gifts through deep healing

Manifestation of the essence

With this package I will support you long-term. You get a soft, safe space to express and share your deeper intentions. Together we look how you can unfold this and what you are running into as a sensitive.

The core of this package is the compassion we use to look at your inner world. Everything is there for a reason. If you are sensitive, this frequency in and of itself is a medicine already. You can reclaim your sensitivity and emotional truth in an attuned and paced way.

Mayasana means ‘being in the Maya’ – in which the Maya is the plane of our beautiful life on earth. And exactly that is the plane we are called to express our uniqueness in!

Reclaiming your intuition

Not just your light is unique, also your shadow is unique and together they make you authentically you. With compassion we hold space for what comes up in the healing process as well as unfolding your essence. This way, you can integrate more and more of yourself. With emotional coaching we will heal trauma and reconnect to your truth. In personally attuned guided meditations you connect to your Higher Self or essence.

Guide Channeling. An element I use to support the healing process is communication with your guides. They know you best. They will give practical guidance in the emotions and questions you are experiencing. I will always encourage you to connect to your inner guidance as well, so you can learn to self-Source.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Trust your intuition,
  • Develop your unique soul’s language by discovering your dominance/combination of clairs: clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience & clairsentience,
  • Healing the emotions surrounding your intuition and sensitivity.

This trajectory is very fitting if you:

  • Want to rediscover your sensitivity,
  • Have difficulty grounding yourself,
  • Long for the love and comfort of your guides/guardian angel,
  • Can feel ‘something’ but are doubting if it’s your own imagination or ego. 

We are going to clarify all of this!

 Grounding into yourself

Usually, what prevents us from being the psychics that we know we are, is trauma. We are not fully in our body, gaslighting ourselves, or maybe it doesn’t feel safe to ‘open up’. Especially for sensitives, going slow and pacing the healing to your window of tolerance is the most important element of this package, so that this foundation is built. The psychic development can blossom effortlessly from there. The trajectory will be guided by our own guide team and therefore intuitively unfold. This takes care of a gradual grounding process where you can incarnate more of your essense into your body. 

Human Design Reading. Another element to support the healing process is Human Design. This helps gain insight in the natural flow of your energy system, so your energy can move more freely. Through your birth chart your energy becomes visible. Everything that is touched on in this birth chart Reading will get the space to integrate directly. This element doesn’t have the emphasis in the package: for example, 1 of the 6 sessions can be all about Human Design, or we can incorporate it at the end of 2 sessions, depending on your wishes. If you don’t resonate with Human Design, we can skip this altogether.

The most important thing is your process, pace and healing. The way this trajectory is expressed will differ from person to person. I will support you through email so you can share your emotions and ask questions. We can make adjustments along the way, when necessary. You can repeat the package multiple times.

This package isn’t for everyone. If you’re truly ready to look at yourself honestly and ground into your body, I can help you transform and shift deeply. The choice is yours: do you dare to feel deeply? Then I will gladly help you gain more self-awareness, self-love, use your inner compass and express your essence!


€1100,- inclucing VAT (1.291,05 USD). Payment can happen in 4 installments.

In this package you will get:

  • 6 sessions of 1 to 2 hours, weekly or fortnightly, through Zoom,
  • channeled documents with practices, summaries and esoteric information – includes your Human Design chart,
  • email contact for support,
  • recordings of the Human Design sessions so you can listen back to it,
  • free Connection Call.
  • a surprise bonus! 

You can repeat this Transformation Package as much as you want. After a trajectory we can always decide to schedule standalone sessions if you feel the need to go deeper (€170,-). You also have the option of a follow-up package if 1 extra session is not enough and 6 are too much.


“Last months I did the package with Roos. I am highly sensitive myself and got stuck in my insecurities. Roos has helped with this in a beautiful an calm manner, exactly sensing what I needed. She also used fitting tools that gave me more and more insight in what was happening and why. She takes her time for you and is open for questions and includes them in the sessions with extra attention.

The whole trajectory was like a beautiful journey that I absolutely didn’t want to have missed! It has enriched me and made me more complete and whole. I am very grateful for what Roos has contributed.
Whatever your problem, Roos knows/feels exactly how she can help you best with ‘recovering’ yourself, so you can live as your true self.”  – Iris

‘I experienced the package as a great gift to myself. What I had lost I was able to retrieve and rediscover under Roos’s careful guidance, step by step. I feel peace and a great inner spaciousness again. And I understand myself a lot better thanks to the clear Human Design explanations. A valuable addition and refining tool. Pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Thank you for this!” 

Working with Roos has been absolutely transformational! Roos creates such a safe and validating space for me to show up as I am. She is amazing at guiding me through deep processes with softness and precision, and the rate that my healing has propelled since I started working with her has been phenomenal. She has the sweetest and most nurturing energy, and is highly gifted with a wide array of tools that she is very experienced in herself. I feel held by her in each session, and I’m incredibly grateful to have her as a practitioner. I’m currently on my second package with Roos, and I continue to experience major shifts in my life since my first session with her. I cannot say thank you enough Roos ❤️ – Helena Hoerr

All of your sessions even from the first package have been still unpacking and guiding me all along and I am so grateful in my heart. I have never had an experience with a healer like you where the sessions not only went so deep but also each one is so incredibly dense with information and codes, they keep unwrapping like presents 💖Thank you for your continuos stream of guidance and support.💖 – Anika Senic

“I just want to say how grateful I am and to ecourage anyone who might be considering it to take the course. Roos is so great at picking up what I needed in that moment and everything was so flexible. This is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing. We are all different and I am so lucky to have found someone who honors that. Thank you, Roos! ❤️ ” – Laura

If you would like to ask Laura about my services, send an empty email title ‘Testimonial’ to and she’ll gladly give a personal testimonial.


We will schedule the sessions consecutively through Zoom, every 1 – 2 weeks.


Apply by sending an email to and we’ll talk about your wishes with this Transformation Package. Or immediately book your free Connection Call.

Connection call:

We always do a short free (20 min) introduction through Zoom to see if we’re a match. You can get a feel of my energy, ask any questions and I will tune in to suggest how I can help you and email you some options, so you can decide in your own time if you want to do this Transformation Package. You can book your Connection Call here:


“I had a connection call with Roos during a time where I was feeling lost and frustrated. Roos held space for me in such a kind and gentle way. She is warm and open.
In this brief call, I walked away feeling lighter. I was able to release some of the painful emotions that had been weighing me down, and I had more clarity.
I will absolutely work with Roos for her full Transformation Package. She truly has a gift.”