Transformation Package

Transform old patterns and embody your unique essence!

Are you tired of lack and longing to free yourself from old patterns? 
Are you looking for practical insight in your energy system?
Do you want the key to your inner authority and heart compass to create overflow with the Law of Attraction?


Do you feel sabotaged by old patterns?  
Do you struggle to understand why you can’t reach what you desire? 
Does your energy get stuck often instead of flowing?

With this package we will explore what’s preventing you from overflowing in your daily life. Mayasana means ‘being in the Maya’ – in which the Maya is the plane of life on earth. And exactly that is the plane we are called to express our uniqueness in!

Manifest your gifts through compassion, integration and understanding.

Authenticity is the key. So you can choose what you want in life and actually attract it!

There can be a lot of limiting beliefs and myths about how life really works for you. With the Human Design system I help you discern what works and what doesn’t, personally attuned to you and your life questions. With compassion we look at the shadow to recover old emotions and talents that you innately possess. Not just your light is unique, also your shadow is unique and together they make you authentically you! You’re the expert of your own soul: I will only mirror your energy back to you and find the areas where you feel stuck. With softness and gentleness I will give you the space you need to integrate. Lots of limiting beliefs will get replaced by personally attuned formulas of transformation. And then it’s time to practice living from your heart and use the Law of Attraction as it really works!

I will use 4 steps or elements:

  1. Knowledge of your unique blueprint: Human Design Reading. I will make a birth chart in which the energy flow in your 9 energy centers becomes visible. This knowledge will be attuned to your questions and wishes. Everything that is touched on in the Reading will get the space to heal so you can actually integrate the knowledge instead of it being an infodump.
  2. Insight in mental patterns and parts work: What coping mechanisms do you have to protect yourself and what unwanted behaviour does this cause? I will reflect how your ego works, so you can recover the loving intention underneath and lovingly integrate this. This way you can choose your reality with more consciousness.
  3. Emotional healing: to heal the deeper pain underneath the patterns. What unresolved emotions and trauma subconsciously plays into your life right now? I will use guided meditations or Reading to mirror those emotions back to you and together we will process the wave completely and lovingly as to raise your vibration. You will learn and practice this formula with me to use in your own life as well.
  4. Living from your heart: Freed from old patterns! How to tune into what you really want? How does the Law of Attraction actually work and what to do when ‘positive thinking’ doesn’t yield results? How to deal with emotions and physical signs in this process and how to use your heart compass so the whole universe conspires to help you? I will help you access your zero point and give you formulas to keep transforming and shining. This is aimed at uncovering the deep feminine creative power that is hidden in the liminal spaces.

We can repeat these steps as much as needed. They will go as deeply as you allow. Everything happens in attunement to you, so you won’t get a Human Design info dump! The most important thing is your process, pace and healing. The way this trajectory is expression will differ from person to person because of this.

This package isn’t for everyone. If you’re truly ready to look at yourself honestly and live your authentic truth, I can help you transform and shift deeply. The choice is yours: do you want to free yourself from stuckness and lack? Then I will gladly help you raise consciousness and offer tools to realign your energy system, express your soul and shine!


€900,- for a Transformation Package of  6 sessions of 1,5 to 2 hours. Payment can happen in 6 installments.

In this deal you will get:

  • 6 sessions through Zoom to integrate your emotions, activate your inner compass and free from old patterns of scarcity that limit you from your authenticity,
  • practical formulas to actually implement this consciousness so you can live from your heart,
  • channeled documents with practices, summaries and lots of esoteric, personally attuned information about your Human Design chart,
  • unlimited contact through email for support,
  • you can record the Human Design based sessions as well to listen back!

You can repeat this Transformation Package as much as you want. After a trajectory we can always decide to schedule standalone sessions if you feel the need to go deeper (€150,-).


“Last months I did the Transformation Package with Roos. I am highly sensitive myself and got stuck in my insecurities. Roos has helped with this in a beautiful an calm manner, exactly sensing what I needed. She also used fitting tools that gave me more and more insight in what was happening and why. She takes her time for you and is open for questions and includes them in the sessions with extra attention.

The whole trajectory was like a beautiful journey that I absolutely didn’t want to have missed! It has enriched me and made me more complete and whole. I am very grateful for what Roos has contributed.
Whatever your problem, Roos knows/feels exactly how she can help you best with ‘recovering’ yourself, so you can live as your true self.”  – Iris

‘I experienced the Transformation Package as a great gift to myself. What I had lost I was able to retrieve and rediscover under Roos’s careful guidance, step by step. I feel peace and a great inner spaciousness again. And I understand myself a lot better thanks to the clear Human Design explanations. A valuable addition and refining tool. Pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Thank you for this!” 


We will schedule the sessions consecutively according to the flow of the trajectory through Zoom.


Send an email to and we’ll talk about your blocks and wishes with this Transformation Package so we can schedule the first session. Or book a free Connection Call to get to know each other before we jump in.

Connection call:

If you’re not sure yet, we can do a short free (20 min) introduction through Zoom to see if we’re a match. You can get a feel of my energy, ask any questions and I will tune in to suggest how I can help you and email you some options, so you can decide in your own time if you want to do this Transformation Package. You can book your Connection Call here:


“I had a connection call with Roos during a time where I was feeling lost and frustrated. I was in a place of lack and unsure how to get back to a place where I could even pay for the help that I needed.
Roos held space for me in such a kind and gentle way. She is warm and open. She acted as a mirror for me and validated my feelings, which was so healing for me. As Roos has a deep understanding of human design, I felt seen and heard as a generator who had hit a plateau and was disconnected from my life force energy.
She helped me to understand that what felt like limitations, could be flipped and used as strengths to manifest what I want, but in my own unique way, vs. generic spiritual practices.
During the reading, Roos pulled a card for me and the card was an exact match for my situation and gave me a clarity on how I could begin to move forward again. She also provided some distance energy healing for me.
In this brief call, I walked away feeling lighter. I was able to release some of the painful emotions that had been weighing me down, and I had more clarity.
I will absolutely work with Roos for her full Transformation Package. She truly has a gift.”