Transformation Healing Sessions

How does your energy flow naturally?

With a Transformational Healing session you’ll get both Healing and energy Reading. It’s aimed to realign with your gifts (life purpose) and transform old patterns on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Afterwards you can move forward again, or take a step back to reflect more clearly.

I will start with an energy scan: a Reading. A field of Healing energy will emerge which will support gaining insight in your question and patterns. Through guided meditations you will be able connect to your own inner wisdom. You will receive distance healing through hand movements I intuitively attune as if you were sitting right in front of me. The focus is on emotional healing from which your own wisdom naturally emerges so you can realign to your passion and purpose. Naturally your intuitive development will deepen in the session, as I aim for you to recognize your inner guidance and/or deepen your psychic awareness.

Healing is integrating the parts of us that need love. Blocks in our life are reflections from inner blocks. Healing those will give you access to resources to confront your challenges with new energy and insight.

What can I especially help you with?

  • Healing around your sensitivity and intuitive/psychic wounds,
  • Getting in the flow again when feeling stuck,
  • Building self-trust, self-love and self-worth,
  • Getting out of lack and isolation (resourcing),
  • Struggling with boundaries/saying no,
  • Relationship patterns (cord cutting, energy leaks),
  • The deeper meaning of physical symptoms/physical awareness,
  • Contact with your intuition and guides,
  • Accessing your life purpose,
  • and way more, so feel free to ask!

You will connect more deeply to your own intuition.

How does a session work?

We will use Zoom to video chat. We will start with a short introduction and you can share your question and experience with healing. The clearer your question is, the better we can focus our energy. Then I will do an energy Reading/scan to start exploring. Often I will guide you in a meditation to find the core of your emotions, so they can be processed. Different inner parts or voices inside of you may need to be heard and integrated. At the end of the session we will ground and settle your energy again. I will always give a practical tool or step, so the session will be integrated into your life. After a session you can expect the transformation to unfold further and get even more insights. It is very possible you will need extra rest to integrate all the transformations in the days after the session.


€170,- (199,24 USD)


1. Schedule here and fill in the question form what you want to work on:  The session will take 1,5 to 2,5 hours so make sure to clear up your schedule for around 3 hrs to not experience any hurry.

2. I will then send you an email with an invoice link to pay through Paypal.

Free connection call:

If you’re not sure yet, we can do a short free (20 min) introduction through Zoom to see if we’re a match. You can get a feel of my energy, ask any questions and I will tune in to suggest how I can help you. I can indicate how many sessions might be needed and will email you afterwards with attuned options so you can decide in your own time. You can book your Connection Call here as well:


“My session with Roos brought me so much clarity. She got me out of my comfort zone and we did some gentle mental/emotional work which was great. I would absolutely recommend talking to Roos if you need any clarity or are feeling stuck, as it has really really helped me on my journey. I can’t wait to do another session!” – Danielle

“How Grateful I am to you @rosestickle for our transformational healing session today 🙏🙏 You are such a beautiful gift to all of us and I can say from working with you to being drawn to you from the first Beautiful post on IG 🦋🦋🦋 The Universe So has all of us leading us right where we need to be and who needs to hold space with us during our Healing so much Love to you Roos💕”

“I felt an instant connection with Roos, her energy and wisdom are just magical. I love how we adapted to whatever came up in the moment, whether it was healing, self-knowing or intuition development. I learned some interesting things about myself from her, but also through my own experience. One of the most amazing things was how free I felt to use my intuition without doubting too much what was coming up. It’s like a new world just opened for me and I was supported all the way. This gave me confidence to trust myself more on my own as well.
We did 4 sessions so far and I have just signed up for a new cycle of 7 sessions. Can’t wait to see what comes next in my development! Thank you, Roos!” – Laura