Human Design Reading

Human Design is a tool for selflove. It can help us understand ourselves better.

Our energy flows in a specific way that is different for everyone. What we blame ourselves for, is often an undiscovered gift. Human Design sheds light on this.

In a powerful way we can own our gifts. We dont’ have to change.

What you receive:

  • Attuned information (you can ask questions or set intentions first!)
  • A recording of the Reading so you can always listen back to it.
  • Insight in your energy type, your profile, your nodes and much more.

What makes my Readings different, is that I focus on your energy system and the energy present there. I attune the Reading to current life themes, coming from your own energy & your own questions. I work together with your guides to give information that is needed at this time, so your energy can flow again. The information can integrate better than it just being an ‘infodump’.

Price: €230,- (271,53 USD) through Paypal

Book your timeslot here and you’ll receive the invoice:

Please remember to fill out your birth time, date & place when booking your Human Design Reading!

For more information about how a session is conducted, look at the session homepage.

“Rose gives really clarifying and pleasant sessions. She has helped me tremendously with gaining insight through Human Design. What’s special about a session with Rose is that she is such a powerful mirror. Merely being in her presence has allowed me to grow really fast in my consciousness, and all the insight that was added only gave more of a fitting experience. And now she’s sharing her talents with the world, so if you want more insight in yourself I absolutely recommend Rose!” – Tamara