Do you have questions about Healing or sensitivity, look here first. 

When I started the spiritual path, I had many questions. What helped me the most, were other people’s experiences, because they gave me the feeling that my experiences were valuable, and I wish to pass this on.

Aren’t you exhausted after a Healing?
Question behind the question: “Am I burdening you with my energy, how do I prevent my energy from leaking?”

Healing is my passion. I get just as much energy from it as it takes from me. Moreover, it makes me happy: I can finally go all out with my sensitivity! Through Healing I get valuable mirrors myself: I’m filled up with love, insights and inspiration. In the first place, I give Healings for myself. That’s why I can keep doing it with joy for others. I live from my emotional compass and hold my boundaries as much as possible. I uncover subconscious needs that I’m trying to fulfill in unhelpful ways – that’s how I prevent my energy leaking.

Did you have psychic gifts as a child? 
“Could I have had psychic gifts, even if I don’t remember?”

Yes! Read more about this in this article.

Is your sensitivity always switched on? 
“Are you reading me with x-rays right now? What do you feel from me?”

Luckily, I can choose what to focus on, just like every other human being. That’s how I’m not just perceiving anything. I used to use my psychic gifts to keep me safe, from a deeply rooted feeling of fear of the people in my surroundings – that’s how I got so much information in my system to the point of being overburdened. Because I healed my sensitivity and trust my intuition now, I have learnt to wield this. I have built a safe life.

If you want to know what I feel from you, it’s best to ask questions as specific as possible. Ask yourself why you want to know too. Train yourself to ask the right life questions, this is an important life skill that will also help you lots while taking sessions. That way you will attract the answers you are looking for.

I will only deeply feel and Read into your energy field if I have your permission. This permission can be given energetically, from your higher self, and I will always ask it verbally too if it concerns transformational points. And if I feel someone has some anxiety about this, I will be explicit about asking.

Just like every honest Healer, I will only get permission from your higher self after I’ve taken care of my own resonant issues. I do want to add that I’m highly sensitive, so I naturally get lots of information from the world around me, that gives me information about where I want to go and whom I want to authentically connect to and which parts of me I will show. I also can feel if energy is ‘off’, which always mirrors me something about myself. This way I use my sensitivity and empath abilities as a skill, helping me along in life.

Do you have more questions about spirituality? Feel free to email me, or send me a message on Instagram. contact@roosstokkel.com I’ll happily make a FAQ video on my Youtube when I’ve gathered enough questions! 

For questions about my services, just email me. In a Connection Call I will attune to you and suggest what package fits you most if you wish.