What is ascension, really?

The longer I am on the spiritual path, the more I realize that there is so much miscommunication. Everyone interprets these concepts differently. Everyone uses different tools and gets triggered by different words.

‘The matrix’, ‘5D’ and ‘ascension’ are quite debated, have you noticed this too?
At least I got really confused with this by all the contradicting messages about ascension!
There were of course the New Age people talking about New Earth and how we are all ascending soon, and need to bring ourselves into the 5D frequency in order to do so. That we are moving from a carbon-based body to a crystalline one. That we are continuously receiving lightcodes from the sun that upgrade our body and that we need to heal our trauma to ascend.
But I also found a lot of criticism and triggers around this message, from the Shadow Work or Embodiment communities.
There is contempt about Ascension in these parts of the spiritual community.
(In case you’re wondering why I always observe the spiritual community and talk about it, this is because my so-called ‘view’ in Human Design is seeing what is ‘wanting’ or lacking in my community and this serves the purpose of fulfilling the needs of the community better).
The contempt is mostly centered around how Ascension-oriented people are trying to escape their body. How they are ungrounded, spiritually bypassing wishful thinkers. And of course, we need to watch out for this trauma response. I have met people that do this in the spiritual community for sure, people that are quite ungrounded and unstable. But it is not the majority.
What I at least feel from the people following my content and commenting on my videos, is a genuine desire for self-development. Of course, there is that 10% of people that don’t take responsibility and take their trauma out on others, but this is a minority. These are the types of people that would use the idea of Ascension in a non-aligned way, that are too identified with their ego to feel for Divine Truth.
But once we figure out what ascension really is (consciously releasing our trauma and integrating higher energies so we can evolve in a natural process), we can’t really get away with escapism anyway.
When we try to escape, we loose our connection to the Divine pretty fast. Our emotions will get stronger and our life circumstances escalate to trigger us, to help us get back into alignment with ourselves and start grounding and feeling again. From that place, we can continue the ascension process.
Ascension happens through the body. We bring dissociated and fragmented parts of our consciousness down into the body (soul retrieval). However, that doesn’t mean we can call it ‘descension’ as if we are descending our consciousness in the body. Descension is something completely different, it is engaging in black magic and identifying with materialism while denying and inverting the Divine. It is a dark path and not one that most people would engage with.
Ascension is a paradox: the more we embody our Higher Self, the more we ascend. So we feel more grounded, more physical, more here, and at the same time, we feel lighter and easier and more in flow with the Divine.
I’ve heard people call the body the mystery school. There is a divine intelligence within the body that we need to tap into and follow. However, we shouldn’t use this as an excuse to just focus on the physical – we need the non-physical too, in our ascension journey. Root and crown wide open. We are a spiritual being that is having a physical experience, but we will always be more than our physical body. There are chakras and planes we exist in that will never be in the physical body. We need to connect to them. We need to align the physical and the non-physical.
This is 5D in practice.
No escapism, but a genuine process of feeling for the higher dimensional bandwidth of consciousness, and integrating it into our body, while releasing the density of trauma that prevents our natural evolution.
There are specific practices and tools that work for everyone, centered around the heart, the first stage of spiritual development. I have cut through the confusion around ‘5D’ and ‘ascension’ and ‘exiting the matrix’ and found sustainable practices to engage with the 5D. I remembered and channeled the spiritual laws, our current time on this planet, and the purpose of the Lightworker in all of this. Ascension is real and it is amazing!
Now, I can easily find a shortcut to 5D, without escaping anything. Instant relief. Cutting through the illusion of this matrix (mental program) and stepping into heart-based consciousness. Receiving insights and downloads what my triggers or circumstances are REALLY about. Effortless alignment. Feeling that flow of manifestation that is not controlled by our egoic desires, but aligned with Source.
If this calls to you, and you want to practice 5D, I have a course for you. In this course, ‘5D in practice’, I share all of my own channeled insights, bust spiritual myths and misconceptions, and offer palpable 5D activations through handpainted lightcodes and guided meditations. Feel into this lightcode below to be uplifted!
Check out the self-paced course here: https://www.roosstokkel.com/5d-in-practice-course/
From a client: “Taking the 5D course, I am learning so much, it feels like I’m going through an upgrade or something! The shifts I have been making feel palpable in my life. So many thanks for sharing your knowledge and light! I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.”