Gentle Shadow Work

Gentle uncovering of patterns,


& core beliefs

Looking at your shadow to find more light!

On our healing journey, we will reach a stage where just positive thinking isn’t enough anymore. We need to look deeper. We need to do the inner work.

Subconscious patterns influence us more than we think. Shining light on our subconscious patterns is called ‘shadow work’. This is not dark or worshipping low entities. Doing shadow work is in fact very high vibrational, as we increase our light by shining the light of our awareness on the subconscious.

Increasing our light by becoming aware of our subconscious patterns.


When you get stuck, knowing how to heal yourself

Uncovering what holds you back in life quickly

Finding a way to do shadow work that is soft, attuned and feels light

Turning healing from self-fixing into self-loving

Healing being an integrated, gentle part of life instead of heavy!

At some point in our healing journey, we might fall into the ‘healing trap‘. We might also fall into a pattern of ‘trauma flooding’. To remedy these two traps that I know very well myself, I created the course GENTLE shadow work, for an attuned way of doing it!

Especially fit for highly sensitives and soft souls, this way of doing shadow work is titrated and paced. It explains the nervous system capacity and teaches to listen to the body.

Please note that I am not a medical professional, counsellor or psychologist and this course doesn’t substitute medical advice

The course includes

  • 2 deep Gentle Shadow Work videos explaining how shadow work relates to nervous system capacity & building healthy self-healing habits
  • 2 guided audio meditations
  • A video that helps you enlist the guides to make healing so much easier!
  • Gentle Shadow Work writing exercise to uncover hidden core beliefs
  • Pre-recorded Q&A with questions like ‘how is shadow work related to physical health?’ As this course is now evergreen, the Q&A is closed and you can enjoy the deep diving questions of the first participants of the course.
  • Using the Heart in shadow work video

NOTE: this course is part of the discounted Lightworker Bundle which includes 5 courses: