Guide Connection bundle

How to connect to your guides,

& channel their messages!

Guide Connection bundle

We all have guides, even if we can’t see them. Their love and support sustains us in even the darkest times. They are here for us, unconditionally, and ready to give healing, advice and insights.

This is a team of beings that we have a soul connection with that have come together to assist us in our life.

This bundle is for you if…

  • You long for the love and support of your guides
  • You feel confusion around information from guru’s & channels and are ready to receive your own
  • You want to learn how to channel & receive actually useful information
  • You have started to connect to your guides but often can’t hear them and you don’t understand why and how to create a flowing connection
  • You feel distrust or fear around your guides but want to overcome this
  • You already have a connection, but want to explore more of what your guides can help you with

Reconnect to the love of your guides

When I started connecting to my guides consistently, my life changed. I was no longer in the dark about tough issues in my life. I felt more empowered, clear, supported and connected. Whenever I did feel down or lost, I could find my way back to center so much easier with the help of my guides.

And you have a whole team of them too! Ready to supply you with endless support and assistance. To make you feel thoroughly loved and held. To pinpoint your blindspots and why you are attracting certain circumstances in your life. To help open you up to deeper levels of health, abundance, peace and happiness.


You are full of trust in life, because you know how to open up for back-up support

You feel loved, assisted, supported and truly cherished by your guides

You are able to hoist yourself from a triggered state into healing with the loving, encouraging help of your guides, finding the path of least resistance

When in confusion about spiritual information, you cut through the crap by listening to your OWN inner guidance and that of your guides!

In this bundle

  • Guide Connection guided meditation: meet your primary guide(s)!
  • Receive Healing from your guides (meditation)
  • Channel with your guides (meditation)
  • Guide Connection ebook (63 page pdf)
  • Channeling ebook (38 page pdf)

The ebooks share how to raise your vibration so that you can tune into your guides, and they can transmit messages. It goes deeply into how to discover your own intuitive language. You learn to trust how YOU connect, and find your unique style of channeling!

There are exercises to get started, 3 powerful guided meditations and a whole section dedicated to troubleshooting when we can’t hear/see our guides. I’ve had to overcome many a ‘guide silence’ and in the process, learned some profound spiritual lessons!

Whether you want to channel their guidance just for yourself, or for other people, the ebook Channeling gives insight in the how. Subjects include: trance channels vs. conscious channels, channels vs. mediums, blocks and filters in channeling. There is a whole chapter dedicated to discovering your intuitive language and how you receive information from the guides with your clairs (voyance/sentience etc).

During the meditations, you will remember your guides’ energy that feels so familiar, and receive their pure love for you.

Not only does this bundle contain high vibrational, spiritual information, it is also trauma-informed.

So even if you are a working psychic, this bundle is highly valuable in working out the kinks and healing your guide connection even more deeply, so that your messages can come through with immediacy, precision and clarity.

Directly upon ordering, you will receive the bundle in your email. Have fun reconnecting to your guides!