Human Design courses

Tap into the gifts of your Human Design type

Align with your strategy…

navigate the challenges

…to unlock the gifts!

Living your Human Design is often called ‘the experiment’, because you’re encouraged to experience it for yourself to test out if it really works. Following the specific strategy of your type decreases resistance, and increases your flow!

Testimonial for the Magnetic Manifesting Generator course

As I have been in the experiment with my own Human Design since 2012 (so 11 years now), and done many Readings on all different types, I have gathered insight in the deeper energetics of each aura type and what drives them. This information comes from observing all types, my own experience as a Generator, and how we all interact. As someone with the 3/5 profile, this empirical gathering of information and then universalizing it, is my own unique contribution to the Human Design knowledge out there.

The audio meditations guide you to tap into your strategy energetically, and realign your aura so that it can optimally function. This way, you’ll soon be out of a funk and back into flow. The strategy of your type (informing, waiting for response, waiting for invitation, waiting a lunar cycle) becomes a living thing, rather than something from the mind. This is what makes this course unique.

Testimonial for the Genius Generator meditation section

After taking any of these courses, you will have a much better grip on your type, through your own experience. You can now apply this information and start your own Human Design experiment! Also perfect if you already got a Human Design Reading and now need guidance on how to bring it into practice, or if you know a lot about Human Design but need to go over the basics. 

Each course includes

  • 3 to 5 in-depth videos with deep information about the energetics of your type, based on experience, with practical applications.
  • 2 to 4 audio guided meditations to download, to tap into your type’s strategy.
  • a light language activation for your type.
  • written overviews and notes.

Practical information

Currently, the courses for the Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator and Projector are available, also in a discounted bundle. 

Upon request, I will make the Reverent Reflector Course too, just email me. 

Testimonial for the Plentiful Projector course

I enjoyed this course thoroughly, I learned so much about myself, and I have to say – I really do finally feel seen! Like oh, I guess there isn’t anything wrong with me, this is just actually part of how Projectors function. I’ve been on the spiritual/ascension path for about 10 years and I feel like I am just now understanding so much more about myself. Hard to believe it just gets deeper and deeper and better and better! And in conjunction with taking the 5D course, I am learning so much, it feels like I’m going through an upgrade or something! The shifts I have been making feel palpable in my life. So many thanks for sharing your knowledge and light! I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.

– Jess Patzwald

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Magnetic MG

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Plentiful Projector

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Genius Generator

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Manifestor Magic

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All HD courses (bundle)

Manifestor, Projector, Generator & Manifesting Generator, discounted bundle, not €352 but €299. Doesn’t include Reflector course.