5D living & Human Design aren’t perfectionism!

I had a bit of an oopsie vibration today. And I want to share that in the context of Human Design and 5D living. Not all Human Design people will agree, because some kind of bash the new age, as Ra Uru Hu did himself, but I personally believe Human Design brings us to living in 5D, because it puts us in witness consciousness and aligns us to who we truly are.

However, living in 5D doesn’t mean having no problems anymore. If someone paints that picture of spiritual perfection, they might be fooling us (and/or themselves), and they might or might not be a malificent guru. They could just not share everything online, and that’s fine, because we can’t possibly. Always remember you are dealing with people’s MIND online, not necessarily the whole, embodied truth, no matter if they share pieces of it.

I have problems. I went out of alignment today. It had been building for a week or 2. AND I practice 5D living.

I generally show up here and in my videos when I feel in flow. But sometimes there is a misguided ‘pushing against my HD strategy’ and instead of receiving, surrendering and flowing (what HD calls waiting and is my strategy as a Generator), I try to manifest. This happened today with a short I made on YouTube, that was my mind try to push out content when I needed to rest and have a day off 🫣). You can see that short and decide for yourself if the energy is off to you or no (the information is still true though!):

Also, a video from when I was deeply in my flow:

Generally, I only share my highest vibrational awareness. I am pretty impressed by all the knowing that I seem to have when I scroll through my videos because, truthfully, a lot of the time I don’t know. These videos are culminations of the wisdom gained from times of darkness, doubt and confusion. They are the fruit, not the dirt.

I don’t share the moments (days, weeks) where I am in the dumps. I have a solid agreement with myself to only share vulnerability or a wound after I have fully processed it. And I only share a little bit of this anyway, when it amplifies my message or tells the story of the collective beyond my own – it is not in my Human Design to share my own story as deeply. But sometimes I stumble and the power of my 3/5 profile is to generalize that struggle into guidance that helps other people too.

The truth about living spiritually, about 5D awareness, about being on the awakening ascension path, and about living according to your strategy and authority in Human Design (even after 12 years) is that it doesn’t make you immune. We are are not immune to difficulty or going out of alignment. We can make it easier, by awakening. But we can’t escape it.

Notice when you say ‘I still have this and this problem’. Or ‘I haven’t yet attained this or that’. That’s a judgment towards yourself and it actually goes against the truth of enlightenment, which is that you are already perfect here and now. We only need to remember enlightenment, never ‘attain’ it as if it is something in the future we don’t have access to right now.

I try to stop saying that. Whenever I use the words ‘still’ and ‘not yet’ about myself, I know that I am out of alignment. I am then trying to fix myself, instead of loving myself. (This is my Human Design transference.) But this might be applicable for everyone.

I have said it before and I will say it again: 5D isn’t perfectionism. Human Design is not about perfectionism either. Awakening is not about casting a spell to force the situation to be different than it is. It is just putting on a different lense to see the same situation with a transcended awareness. We can only transcend what we accept. Then, it starts to alchemize and you become more whole by seeing the deeper meaning and regaining multidimensional and lost parts of yourself. Then, the magic starts to happen, beyond your mind.

For me, the deeper lesson that came out of stepping into witness awareness and my 5D self again, was to realize a subconscious belief that ‘following my joy will not bring me what I need to survive’. This is a very common block for Generators which is why I share it. A Generator can in fact only attract what they need when they DO follow their joy, their inner guidance, their yes and their no! To not trust that is to give away their whole power of being a co-creator of LIFE FORCE with the universe. So this way, I shifted the belief.

Then I was guided to remember another experience today. I was sitting in my frustrated, pushy energy and my mind was trying to find ways to change the situation. I extracted myself from my misguided course of action, put my phone away and planted myself in a field of animals. Then, I recognized all of the energies I just described as a sign of misalignment. And I aligned my aura again to the receptive, enveloping, attractive quality of the Generator. Immediately, an animal that had been grazing for minutes, turned and walked towards me for cuddles and food. I was amazed: I filed this away as absolute visible proof for my doubtful mind/ego/not-self that that aura strategy of Human Design ACTUALLY WORKS. Even if it isn’t as obvious. Even if the universe doesn’t visibly turn around and starts moving towards me – it does, just like this cute sheep did.

And that’s the magic of Generator. The GENIUS of the Generator is that we can actually be so laid-back, and trust that things come to us without us having to raise a finger. This is the Manifesting Generator too. You are MAGNETIC once you align your aura!

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