Law of Saturation

The Law of Attraction has a little sister, and it’s called the ‘Law of Saturation’. This is something my guides have shared with me. It’s as much a different way of looking at the Law of Attraction as it is a sub-law. I’m going to relay their message in this article.

The Law of Attraction

First, let’s catch up on the Law of Attraction. This is the universal law that says: like attracts like. We live in a universe that is based on attraction. The other universal laws relate to this one law that characterizes our universe. For example, cause and effect are possible because of the Law of Attraction. This is the glue that holds the cause and the effect together.

The Law of Attraction is important to us because it governs our manifestation process. And we all want to create our own reality! With our free will we can choose the reality we want. We also subconsciously create and attract our reality – this is why we have stuff in our lives that is less than ideal. There are unresolved traumas and programs in our subconscious that form attraction points to these events. The more aware we become, the more we can deliberately create our reality.

The moment we desire something, we become a vibrational match to it. At the same time, any vibrations that are subconsciously present in our field that relate to this desire, get activated too. We become a vibrational match to that as well. Therefore we often have a mixed bag of vibrations about our desired goals. On the one hand we can think thoughts like ‘I love the freedom that comes with having a big house’ and other the other hand we can subconsciously repeat thoughts like ‘I don’t deserve living in a big house, first I have to work harder and suffer to deserve it’.

This results in us not creating a big house, because we also attract the circumstances that tell us that we have to work really hard first. In order to create consciously, we have to unearth those subconscious beliefs and examine them. A belief is a repeated thought. We can replace a belief with a better one, or we can choose to keep a belief and then take action with it in a way that is aligned. This depends on the belief system itself.

So that’s one of the hang-ups that comes with the Law of Attraction. Another hang-up is: when we think we want something, but in fact we want what we think we’ll get through that first thing. It would be better to go for that underlying desire directly and cut out the middleman. For instance: thinking we want fame when in fact we want to be loved. Creating loving relationships would be the direct way to go. When we suppress our true desires, it’s because we are ashamed about them and ourselves. In this case, we would feel unlovable to begin with. So we think that if we are famous, we would deserve the love we are craving. Healing these patterns will often make the desire for fame go away. If it’s someone’s purpose to be famous, however, the desire for fame will stay.

Now that we are all caught up on the Law of Attraction, what about the Law of Saturation? What do we get out of it?

The Law of Saturation

The Law of Saturation is part of the Law of Attraction. It’s a sub-law. It helps the Law of Attraction function like an ignition switch enables a car to ride.

The Law of Saturation has to do with what’s called ‘momentum’ in spiritual communities. Momentum means having a certain forward moving force. In Newtonian mechanics, it’s the product of mass and velocity.

This mass is the Law of Saturation. The more saturated we are with a vibration, the more ‘mass’ we have energetically. The velocity is how quick something moves. As we are always moving through the universe, this is a given. We are consciousness moving through the sea that is Source, or the universe. Some people have a ‘fast-moving’ stream, others a soul stream that is a bit slower. But we all move, in higher dimensions. That’s why we are able to think thoughts in the first place. Even in this dimension we always move, as the earth is always moving.

The longer or more intensely we think a thought, the more saturated our field becomes with it. A thought is like a light in our brain. The more we think it, the brighter that light gets.

Our pineal gland literally (biologically) creates light in reaction to electromagnetic impulses.

By the way, we are subconsciously thinking many thoughts we are not even aware of, that intersperse our conscious thoughts. A conscious thought like ‘I’m great’ can be followed with a subconcious thought like ‘I’m so arrogant to think that’. These subconscious thoughts are programmed into us by society, our parents and any other important childhood figures. They become part of the background noise in our mind. It is a universal truth that you are great, after all. Anything that clouds that must therefore come from the outside!

This is how our field can be saturated with low self-esteem, even if we say all the positive affirmations in the world. Our subconscious mind detects any attempt at self-esteem and counters it with things like ‘I’m so arrogant to think that’, as it’s programmed to do. The ultimate core belief is something like ‘I’m worthless’. If we can unearth this from our subconscious, we suddenly get the free will to choose a different belief.

If we saturate our field (also called ‘aura’) with positive thoughts, and we have negative beliefs about the subject, our field will be just as saturated with those negative beliefs, not allowing us to move forward. This takes a lot of energy, like pushing a rock uphill. That’s why positive affirmations can feel draining.

However, if we don’t hold any contradictory beliefs to a thought we want to manifest, the Law of Saturation can be used to our advantage.

Magick with the Law of Saturation

The first way we can use the Law of Saturation is very simple. As we are in a dimension that has time, the longer we think a thought, the more we saturate our field with it. According to Abrahahm-Hicks we need to hold a thought for 17 seconds and it will manifest. That’s the timeframe the Law of Saturation needs to work its magick.

The second way is more intense. Focusing our whole being on the thought we want to manifest really saturates our field with it. Part of manifestation means being in the vibration of the thing we want to experience. That means: feeling the emotional state we would have. If we were to really take advantage of the Law of Saturation, we take this one step further. We are now intensifying this feeling state. Amplifying it, spreading it through our bodies, and holding it. We can keep building and holding this vibration as long and deeply as we wish. Duration and intensity together create even more saturation in our energy field.

We can choose to focus this energy towards a specific goal. We can also just sit in it. At some point this energy must spill over. I’ll go more deeply into that later in this article, but first, let’s give a few examples of the Law of Saturation at work.

Examples of the Law of Saturation

There is a curious thing that happens if we saturate our field with certain vibrations. It is really exciting. Here are a few cases:

  • Clairvoyant activation. When we are training our third eye with visualizations, discerning truth, meditating on light and receiving visions, the Law of Saturation goes into effect. These practices saturate our third eye chakra to the point of ‘spilling over’ into the third dimension, making our pineal gland (the gland that functions as a waystation for this chakra) act in a certain way. Hormones get released, our brain pathways change, and we will start seeing auras and energies with our physical eyes. Our eyes have been seeing them all along, it was just our brain filtering out that information.
  • Relationship improvement. When we work on our selflove or our romantic relationship with our partner to the point of mastery of relationships, the Law of Saturation goes into effect. We will attract more and more people into various roles in our lives that we immediately establish a great relationship with – in whatever way we desire. Whether that’s friendship, a business partnership, or just a valuable moment with a stranger.
  • The subtle bodies. If we take care of our physical body in a profound way (detoxing, exercising, eating healthy, sleeping well etc) this spills over into our subtle bodies. Our emotional body gets balanced. Our mental body gets clear. Our spiritual body gets activated more and more and we will start to have stronger intuition because of it, if not full-on psychic experiences! This also works the other way around.
  • Innocence. If we recover lots of childhood trauma, and we heal our inner children, this restores the innocence of our being. As a result, this innocence translates into our lives as: pure environments with pristine nature, people with their hearts in the right place, systems that are of the highest light – anything that reflects innocence and purity.
  • The power of truth. If we have sought a lot of truth about what’s happening in the world, we saturate ourselves with the vibration of truth. This makes it so that illusion (the opposite vibration) melts away in our inner world. Therefore, due to the Law of Saturation, this vibration of truth spills over in the outer world as well. Externally, illusions melt away. Systems built on illusion in your reality will no longer receive enough universal energy to remain standing. They will crash.

The ‘spillover’ effect

In one of the examples, innocence attracts more innocence. If you then translate this inner vibration externally, you will begin to see how the Law of Saturation works. It’s almost as if it spills over into your life. The ignition switch not only starts our car, but that causes a chain reaction in other cars as well. It becomes bigger than us. It can take a certain way of thinking to be able to predict this ‘translation’ of the energy into other areas of your life. That’s why examples from experience work best to start learning about the Law of Saturation. Reading the examples above will have triggered your understanding of experiences like it.

If the spillover effect happens, it’s because we have reached maximum absorbance capacity energetically. Our aura, which acts like a sponge, will then leak the energy into any like external area. This likeness is based upon the Law of Attraction and it surpasses 3rd dimensional time and space. It’s not like the energy spills over into the bookcase next to us – it spills over into an area that is an external match to the internal subject. I’ve given a few examples above.

This match is determined by likeness. The saturated energy naturally finds its way and improves upon like areas in your life. The Law of Cause and Effect plays into this as well, in which the cause (the saturated energy) must have a certain effect externally.

We can also direct this energy. For example, it is a Venusian (originating from the planet Venus) practice for women to saturate their field wih vibrations like love, and then direct the spillover into creating ‘sacred secretions’. Waters, that flow from their womb, that hold the vibration of love itself. (Source: Gigi Young’s Isis Rising series on YouTube).

There are lots of ancient, forgotten organic technologies like this. These ‘spillover technologies’ are aimed at energetically (with our consciousness) creating a precise effect into the 3rd dimension. Another example is creating a light in the air between your hands by focusing your attention there and visualizing, generating, that light energetically first. This can only be done by people that have mastered meditation techniques where they infuse their own being with light energy.

The siddhis that lie dormant in our DNA also operate on the Law of Saturation. When we have transmuted the human shadows into our gifts, and we exercise these gifts incessantly, at some point this will spill over into ultimate exaltation. Our DNA gets activated and a siddhi is born – sometimes multiple at the same time. More on the siddhi’s in my article Psychic Power.

Contemplating the Law of Saturation

Take what you want from this knowledge. If you are ready to take your deliberate creation practice to the next level, you can play around with the Law of Saturation and the exercises mentioned above. However, it’s not as important to know about this sub-law as it is to know about the Law of Attraction itself if you want to up your deliberate creation levels. But it can refine your understanding.

Another thing that this knowledge is valuable for, is regaining a sense of wonder and miracle. The spillover effect can be like a cosmic surprise service, delivering gifts at your doorstep.

What good habits have you been saturating your field with? What positive emotions and thoughts have you repeated to the point that your body can’t contain it anymore? Keep going!

If you are in the practise of ‘generating energies’ regularly, be prepared to receive these surprise gifts. And if you are not already generating positive, benevolent energies from scratch, I hope this blog will have given you incentive to do so. So sit down and hold love in your heart – it might just turn every day into Valentine’s Day.

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