Money Manifestation – my story

According to Gene Keys, I am here to transcend money. I am not here to attach to it, try to manifest it, or maybe even make a lot of it.

My money manifestation story is a testimony to letting go, and then it still going nowhere, and, here it comes…

…being deeply okay with that.

Because my fulfillment doesn’t come from money. It comes from transcending it.

I just read a post from my favorite Human Design teacher, sharing that what she manifested in 2023, was a life in which she didn’t feel the need to manifest anything anymore.

She is a Manifesting Generator. I am a Generator. And I related so hard.

This year, I have finally let go of the struggle to manifest.

Which is really the energy of control.

I stopped ‘working on my abundance blocks’, because my drive to work on this was the block itself. But even unblocking this didn’t lead to more money.

I stopped forced manifestation practices, like visualization, gratitude lists or spellwork. These techniques only frustrated me, and this is a bad sign for a Generator. Stopping this didn’t lead to more money.

I quit the persona/ego that had been driven by all of this. This persona was the sole reason I was still on IG, even though the fast-paced platform gave me too much stress. So I quit Instagram. My income dropped.

This is not a story where at the end, suddenly 50K’s come flowing in, because ‘I did something right and now I am here to teach you too’.

The goddess wealth business coaches on Instagram really got to me with the narrative that the more healed we are, the more money we make. The more life-force we have, the more money we make. Which suggests that if we don’t make a lot of money, we are unhealed and have little life-force, juicyness, or any other ideas from this narrative.

For me, this is not true. I had to own my feminine energy, own that it was perfect just as it was. That there was nothing wrong with my life force. And yet, I still didn’t make a lot of money.

This is a story where I am finally, deeply, okay with that.

Because THAT is my Abundance Template.

I have TRANSCENDED the egoic attachment to money to give me fulfillment.

Life takes me where it wants to take me. The universe knows what’s in my heart. Everything that needs to get manifested gets manifested. Sometimes later than I thought. Sometimes in a different form.

Last year, I tried to organize an Abundance Ceremony channeled by Isis, and no-one came, even though she gave me incredible visuals and ritual practices. I channeled red and gold graphics with a winged eye for the event. It felt so potent. But no-one signed up. I thought I had done something wrong. I felt shame and humiliation. I could only let it go.

A year later, I got the idea for the new Abundance Template Reading, and Isis whispered to me: ‘NOW you can use the graphics from that event. Full circle. You have learned the lesson. You have embraced your Abundance Template, and now you can teach others.’

I feel so abundant. So supported by the universe. Isis sharing this profound lesson with me makes me feel deep, real gratitude.

My abundance manifestations are often accompanied by stripping away more of my ego attachments. Always with the side-effect of my transcending even more. And then THAT being the abundance.

Or, transcending money for me looked like working for board and lodging in an eco community, and not using money for months. It looked like doing energy exchanges on a membership page last year (now closed). And who knows what it will look like in the future.

In 2023, I have finally released the attachment to manifesting money. And I have never felt more fulfilled, peaceful and free. I feel deeply abundant and enriched by life.

Which are really the energies we want to manifest through having money anyway.

This will not apply to everyone. I am just sharing my experience. Maybe it works differently for you and manifestation tools are helpful, maybe you are destined to make tons of money. As always, take what resonates.