Releasing the image of the ‘divine feminine’

I got so confused by the divine feminine movement. At first, it felt like relief to have this aspect of me honored – femininity being celebrated rather than suppressed. But I also felt like there was a certain image being portrayed. A spiritual mannerism or identity – ‘look at me, performing my femininity’. Dressing, dancing and speaking in a certain way.

I used to go to a lot of ecstatic dance events, where I expressed like this, too. And it was amazing to just let it all out. I remember dancing one evening and hearing the word ‘shakti’, psychically seeing geometrical shapes pour out of my heart and enveloping me. Shakti is the feminine energy. I had awakened it and felt it rise up through all the energy channels in my body. I played a lot with this energy, doing light language with my hands while dancing. It was all pretty epic! 

I could feel ancient temple priestess memories awaken, not as a mental knowing, but through this physical expression. I worked a lot with Mary Magdalene, Isis and other divine feminine mentors at the time. They helped me heal myself with this energy, activating my chakras with roses, opening the energy flow between them.

I really needed this part of my journey, these years of regular dancing. I didn’t really like sharing this too much online. It was something I shared mostly just with the people I danced with.

I had an ulterior motive: I knew that working with the feminine energy can attract financial abundance – so I used it for that. I exploited and increased this energy without listening to the signals of my body to slow down, in the hopes it would get my needs met. Going to these ecstatic dance events started to feel more and more empty.

Then I saw the fakeness of this feminine identity and image at a festival, and how actually disembodied a lot of them are and something broke off inside of me – a tether, an attachment I hadn’t even realized I made.

At that moment, it was complete. I never visited an ecstatic dance event again!

I realized I had unconsciously made this into a beauty contest, instead of just authentically expressing my feminine energy from the inside out, no matter how it looked or what it attracted or magnetized.

The feminine energy IS actually magnetic by nature, and innocently-seductively pulls things in, but the ego can distort this concept into something to manipulate for the things we think we want. Mine sure did! 

I returned inward. I danced only for myself now.

I stopped trying to magnetize through manipulation. I fell into trust again. (Watch my video from the Venusians to literally fall back into the feminine in a guided mediation here: )

I found that I could also completely embody my feminine energy doing nothing special at all. It is an essence, that gets expressed in a myriad of ways. And yes, expressing our beauty is part of that journey, as radiating the feminine through beauty is very much part of it. 

But forget the image. It is NOT the point!

Tapping into this feminine essence, that’s what it’s all about. It will transform your life, as it did mine, to actually liberate this energy. It is quite something, to feel it coursing through your body. Dance can do that, or ritual, or guided meditation. It has the power to heal our mother wounds, to lead us towards true abundance (which is a frequency inside, as you can read here), and to feel both soft AND fierce in our boundaries as a woman. To awaken the inner mystical goddess and your intuitive power.

One thing that anchored me all throughout this journey of feminine awakening and embodiment, was the spirit of the Rose. She has called me through the name resonance (I am named after the Rose), making it easier for me to feel worthy of the high frequency Rose medicine – the Rose is the flower with the highest frequency on earth. But she is there for literally everyone.

Throughout the years I have received ways to nourish myself with the feminine essence, overseen by Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who utilize the Rose a lot in their spiritual transmissions. And now I am giving these transmissions to you too in my new course Rose Goddess Activations!

In 3 powerful, nurturing and liberating meditations, you will learn how to work with the Rose to open to your feminine. So that you can release false images too, and tap into who YOU are, YOUR voice as a unique expression of the feminine.

This self-paced course uses 3 guided meditations and many ritual inspiration prompts and lightcodes, with three steps:

1. Ignite the power of your womb
2. Love yourself fiercely
3. Step into sovereignty

Accompanied by gorgeous rose esthetics and examples of my own rituals and how I adorned myself with roses (beauty IS part of it, after all!) and channeled guidance from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, you will awaken dormant feminine energy to feel full and abundant within as a woman. These ancient temple memories? I am sharing them now!

Rose Goddess Activations