Patreon backlog

You can now get access to my Patreon backlog!

In 2022 over the course of 10 months, I offered a Patreon membership, an online subscription platform for content. It was my playground to free flow with any subject I was intuitively guided to speak on, from dream work, the chakra system & Starseeds, to Human Design, channeling & the cosmic rays… and much more!

You can now access the backlog for over 100 posts of teachings on psychic development & healing. With 10 in-depth Q&A’s from the members. All archived and accessible now.

Please note that this is an archive, and when you join, no new content will appear.

Price & access info

€50 for a month of access

You can unsubscribe at any time, billing is monthly. More info on the Patreon page itself.

What my Patreon members said

I absolutely love being part of Roos’s community here on Patreon, having access to more content that she channels as well as from her own journey has been very special to me. She always posts about themes/wounds/energies I’m currently working with in my life, and it feels so supportive in my own healing journey, and feels similar to having a healing buddy/buddies so to speak. The value of content that one receives from Roos here is so worth it! <3 Thank you for all that you do Roos! 

Helena H.

On Rose’s Patreon we get access to channelings and messages that are, to me, valuable information, whether about healing, current themes, emotions, light beings, guides, and stuff that your mind is just dying to know. It is super interesting. What I like is that Rose is super honest, she says it how it is and the messages are pure. Plus many times it is attuned to the themes of what i am going through so it’s a little help in guiding me in my daily life. It also offers me inspiration in how i do my daily things and how i think about life. I like that Rose’s content makes me feel more connected to the spiritual side of life. If you are craving after having more spirituality in your life but don’t exactly know how, this can inspire you. And you will definitely be surprised what you read and find out cause it’s not the same old same thing. 

Monika Z.