Psychic Protection

We initiate ourselves.

In the dark, we find our power.

We connect to our divine sovereignty.

And we know that we are always protected.

We just need to remember.

Psychic Protection is our natural state

Part of the spiritual path are Initiations.
These are experiences that throw us into the abyss, where we need to rely on our intuition and instincts alone.
We might feel terrified, unprepared, and completely alone.
Yet, this is where we truly find ourselves and our sovereign, inner power. 

You got this.

One of the biggest spiritual initiations is our encounter with the lower astral and negative entities. We can get pretty scared, when we learn that monsters are in fact real. How do we protect ourselves against them?

The Psychic Protection course helps you remember and anchor into your light, so you can elevate beyond this struggle.

Imagine that…

You just trust yourself and the divine with your psychic gifts

You dare to open to guidance from higher beings without doubt or fear of negative interference

You feel safe at night, in the dark, even with the knowledge of demons and other negative entities

You feel whole and at peace in your own aura, strong in your light, and playful with your psychic gifts!

The Psychic Protection course is for you if…

  • You long to set strong energetic boundaries that you can trust
  • You are ready to remember your light and dedicate yourself to your heart
  • You value integrity and are willing to look at yourself honestly
  • You are ready to end the game of demonization and take back your power
  • You accept that you create your reality by the vibration you put out, and that you therefore have the power to save yourself

You’ll receive…

Direct access

A self-paced course in 3 modules

The self-paced course

  • More than 2 hrs of video material detailing the cosmic laws, psychic protection techniques, the Initiation through the lower astral & how to take back your power
  • 3 powerful guided meditations that you can download and play whenever you need Psychic Protection (think: white light, Archangel Michael…)
  • A list of Psychic Protection techniques including visualizations & crystals
  • Insight in my own Initiation through the lower astral and what I did to overcome this – sharing my experiences with a haunting, and my lessons and trusted methods

Psychic Protection course: so that you may remember you Divine power and protection.

NOTE: this course is part of the discounted Lightworker Bundle which includes 5 courses: