Soul Radiance Sessions

Your unique light

Your unique gifts

The signature of your soul, shining in full radiance

A Soul Radiance session helps uncover who you are. We work with your Higher Self and let it guide the session, so you can shine your light. It therefore starts with a guided meditation.

This means that whatever is meant to come forward in that moment, will be uncovered. As this is guided by Spirit, it is always exactly what you need and can integrate. You can ask for additional Reading and channeling on any messages your guides want you to know, for example your Starseed race, aura colors etc.*

This all forms your Soul Signature. The way your energy is different from everyone else’s, including unique aura colors, gifts and talents from past lives & Starseed influences.

In the session, I will gently mirror you the energy qualities and gifts that you radiate. We connect to your own Higher Self, so you can feel the empowerment of knowing who you are through direct experience rather than coming from the outside. After the guided meditation, there is space to ask questions. Having one clear intention for the session generally helps you make most out of it.

*If you would like a deep dive with a more complete picture of your Soul Signature, look into my mentorship program RADIANCE.


€150,- for 1,5 hrs.


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After booking, you’ll receive an emailed invoice through PayPal or direct bank transfer in SEPA territory (Europe), so make sure you are able to pay through one of these venues. The invoice is to be paid before the session.

If you have questions before booking, please reach out to

My session with Roos brought me so much clarity. She got me out of my comfort zone and we did some gentle mental/emotional work which was great. I would absolutely recommend talking to Roos if you need any clarity or are feeling stuck, as it has really really helped me on my journey. I can’t wait to do another session!”

Danielle J.

“Working with Roos was a fantastic experience. I had some questions that I didn’t know exactly how to articulate so I got a general reading and Roos answered them clearly. She has a very warm and activating energy I would highly recommend!”


“All of your sessions even from the first package have been still

unpacking and guiding me all along and I am so grateful in my heart. I

have never had an experience with a healer like you where the sessions

not only went so deep but also each one is so incredibly dense with

information and codes, they keep unwrapping like presents 💖

Thank you for your continuos stream of guidance and support.💖”

Anika Senic