Shining your soul radiance

because you KNOW who you are!

Your unique light

Your unique gifts

The signature of your soul, shining in full radiance

We all have a Soul Signature. The way our energy is different from everyone else’s. Our unique aura colors, gifts and talents from past lives, the way we manifest and what we need to thrive…

For sensitives, Starseeds, empaths, lightworkers, Indigo’s*…

finding ourselves can be very challenging

because we’re so different from other people

Not only were we not understood, we were probably misunderstood!

*and any other spiritual label that resonates!

I know that feeling very well. I used to work against my own soul signature and tried to be okay with harsh, busy environments, even though my energy is very sensitive. When I realized I was a Crystal Child, I started to finally seek out pure, natural & calm environments that nourished me. I learned how to clear my own and other people’s energy. I discovered my gifts as a channel and healer (having a secondary green aura color). With Human Design, I learned how to manifest my energy and desires into the world. Remembering my Starseed origin activated my soul gifts, so I could step into my purpose as a channel, healer & spiritual artist. And I want to help you do the same!


You know Who you Are on a deep soul level, generating a natural, rock-solid CONFIDENCE

You are JOYFUL and FREE with your gifts, magnetic to all that need your unique medicine, and you love EXPRESSING yourself

No one is able to bring you out of center, because you are so strongly ROOTED IN YOUR IDENTITY and you know your worth

You care for your unique energy signature daily to NURTURE your natural talents

You live unapologetically, SHAME-FREE as Yourself

You RADIATE your light outward like a sun!

This mentorship is for you if…

  • You want to discover who you truly are underneath all the conditioning, cultural overlays, ‘shoulds’ and projections of other people
  • You are out of touch with a sense of self and often notice you are imitating others in search of your style
  • You feel like you are very different from other people and have struggled with being misunderstood
  • You resonate with reading systems like Human Design and the categories of lightworkers (like blue ray, indigo, crystal & rainbow, or earth angel, Starseed etc)
  • You feel the call of your soul urging you to reclaim your Essence & want to discover your purpose and unique talents
  • You are ready to step into your power!

What’s included

  • Free discovery call
  • Live Soul Signature Reading (1,5-2 hrs) including: aura colors, Human Design & Starseed origin (we start with this one)
  • 3 one on one sessions of 1-1,5 hrs to support your further self-discovery journey (to be booked weekly or fortnightly)
  • Access to one of my pre-recorded Human Design courses, that goes deeply into your aura type (how to move your energy into the world)
  • Email contact throughout
  • My ebook Cosmic Consciousness to learn more about your Starseed origin


Limited space: only 3 spots available.

Apply through the button below and I will intuitively pick from all applicants to do the FREE complimentary discovery call with no strings attached, after which we will definitively decide on working together. You will receive an email from me.

If you have any questions about the application process or the mentorship before applying, send me an email here: contact@roosstokkel.com



pay in full discount, installment plans available

Currently not accepting clients, you can apply for the waitlist by clicking the button below. When spots open, I will intuitively pick from the list of applicants for the free Discovery Call.

DISCOUNT/previous services

This mentorship includes a lot of the modalities and Readings I have done over the years. It might be that you are already enrolled in a Human Design course, the Remember your Starseed Self course, or got a Soul Signature, Aura or Human Design Reading. If you got one of these things mentioned in the last sentence, I offer a special discount to you (varying as to which service(s) you have already received). This is included in the application process.

Please note: even if you’ve gotten any of these services, in RADIANCE, we will go much more deeply into your unique signature, and you now get to ask all your questions to unpack your own self-discovery process. The mentorship is tailored to you and your questions and needs, so there will be no repetitive information but everything is fresh and personally attuned.

What others say

Working with Roos has been absolutely transformational!

Roos creates such a safe and validating space for me to show up as I am. She is amazing at guiding me through deep processes with softness and precision, and the rate that my healing has propelled since I started working with her has been phenomenal. She has the sweetest and most nurturing energy, and is highly gifted with a wide array of tools that she is very experienced in herself. I feel held by her in each session, and I’m incredibly grateful to have her as a practitioner. […] I continue to experience major shifts in my life since my first session with her. I cannot say thank you enough Roos ❤️ 

Helena hoerr

“I felt an instant connection with Roos, her energy and wisdom are just magical. I love how we adapted to whatever came up in the moment, whether it was healing, self-knowing or intuition development. I learned some interesting things about myself from her, but also through my own experience. One of the most amazing things was how free I felt to use my intuition without doubting too much what was coming up. It’s like a new world just opened for me and I was supported all the way. This gave me confidence to trust myself more on my own as well.
[…] Can’t wait to see what comes next in my development! Thank you, Roos!”

Laura Levine

“Last month I [worked with] with Roos. I am highly sensitive myself and ran into insecurities. Roos helped me in a truly beautiful and calm manner, exactly feeling what I needed. She also used fitting tools that made me get more and more insight in what was happening and why. She takes her time for you and is open to questions, so that she can give extra attention during the sessions.

The whole trajectory was a beautiful journey that I wouldn’t have missed for the world. It made me a richer and more whole human being. I am very grateful for what Roos has meant for me.

Whatever your ‘problem’, Roos knows/feels exactly how she can help you ‘find your self back’, so that you can live as your purest self.

Iris Menting