Reclaim your psychic self

Effortlessly psychic,

because it is your birthright.

Your intuitive nature RECLAIMED,

thriving with your psychic gifts,

trusting in your abilities


You remember the psychic gifts you had as a child

You effortlessly call upon your angels and guides when struggling, and when you tune into something, immediately the psychic information comes through

You TRUST your intuition

Your life is tailored to your most sensitive, psychic parts

I have spent countless years on intuitive development, trying to become more psychic. My progress was torturously slow. Self-doubt prohibited me and I didn’t feel like I had a base to stand on, or that my gifts were sustainable and would come when I asked upon them. It was all based on a false premise. “I am not naturally psychic, I need to develop it step by step”. But the truth was: I was already naturally super sensitive, intuitive and psychic. And so are you!

I was disconnected from my psychic gifts because of trauma. Healing the psychic wound skyrocketed my psychic development like nothing else.

When we heal the psychic wound, we don’t have to do the arduous steps of opening psychically. Now we can just tune into something and have immediate psychic insight. No interference on the line anymore. No mental processes. Just being yourself and connecting deeply and intuitively. Which is really just your natural energy!

Heal the psychic wound,

so you can come home in your psychic gifts!

This course is for you if…

  • You have a deep longing for these gifts that feel like home to you
  • You want to feel like your psychic gifts are YOURS & accessible
  • Yet you feel self-doubt preventing you from discerning mind from intuition
  • You have memories of being psychic as a child, but can’t quite access these gifts now

About the course

  • Explanation of the spirtual psychology of the psychic wound, 4 deep videos + a soft-spoken guided meditation to heal
  • Direct access
  • Self-paced, pre-recorded material