Spiritual gifts from childhood

As children we are close to Source. We see, hear and feel beyond this dimension until we are socialized into this society.

If you are reading this, you’re probably naturally psychic and have retained some of those gifts from childhood. You have memories or just a hunch that you were way more psychic as a child. For me, reading fantasy books as a child and teenager helped me to continue believing in magic into adulthood. I never completely lost my gifts. But still, there was some reclamation to do!

As an adult, I regained the gift of seeing auras and communicating with my guides, among other things. 

For sensitive and naturally intuitive people, it’s not so much about developing psychic gifts as it is about remembering them and then reclaiming them. This might feel unsafe, at first, because of trauma. There might be some healing to do around these gifts.

The people in our lives may have ridiculed, shamed or ignored us when we exhibited intuitive gifts. Or maybe we just didn’t get anything: a lack of mirroring.

When I saw auras, it was mostly this. According to my parents, I was just staring at ’empty space’, and so I – like all of us – didn’t get the mirroring of them saying ‘that’s an aura’, like they would do with physical objects. So my perception of auras faded and I started focusing on the parts of reality that were explained and named. 

When it came to my Spirit guides, as a child I had an ‘imaginary friend’ – this is sometimes how this gets explained. 

Even if our intuition just wasn’t mirrored, we usually sever the psychic connections in our brains so we will be adapted to the world around us and be in the same reality as everyone else. This is how we survive through adapting.

Also, the psychic gifts can be shut off by our own choice. The path of a psychic or intuitive is often paired with so-called ‘initiatory points’ where we had psychic experiences in childhood that were in someway traumatic in and of themselves, or were met with traumatic responses in the people around us. Maybe we saw death around a family member, or a ghost of a loved one, or we had medical experiences that we deeply knew were harmful. After these kinds of experiences, we may have decided to never want to see this stuff again!

As for me, I went through a trauma as a child (my little brother being very, very sick) and because my guides didn’t help or save him, I cut off my connection to them. This is very common. You might have experiences like that, that you don’t remember. If you feel sadness reading this, it might be your subconscious memory coming up! 

Healing our inner child(ren) is paramount in order to regain our psychic gifts. It’s a gateway to emotional healing and integration.

Want to rediscover the spiritual gifts you had as a child? 

Reclaim your intuition by healing your inner child.


You remember the psychic gifts you had as a child

You TRUST your intuition

Your life is tailored to your most sensitive, psychic parts

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