Starseed Meditations

Connect to your Galactic Family…

and remember your Starseed Self!

If we resonate with being a Starseed, the best thing we can do is to remember our galactic lives and information ourselves. This is by far the most empowering way to research your Starseed lineage!

Through direct experience, you will feel a sense of coming home, belonging and a deep knowing that this is true, that you might not fully ground into if you’re only researching information from other people (as helpful as this might be!)

This is why I created the Starseed Meditations. So you may reconnect through direct experience and FEEL your galactic self and family around you!

On this page, you’ll find the overview of all Starseed Meditations I have available. There is a General Meditation if you are not quite sure with which race you want to connect, but I recommend getting the meditations for the races you resonate with as well, as every meditation is unique. Representatives from the Starseed races stepped forward in every meditation to guide it, and give specific healings, information, upgrades and downloads. You will connect with your own Galactic Self as well as your Galactic family. After doing a meditation, make sure you have enough integration time, so rest if needed, drink some water and ground yourself.