Healing beyond the mind

There are many ways of healing, and whatever works for you is perfect.

My personal favorite is energy transmissions, whether it be through light language, lightcodes, guided meditation or channeling – someone transmitting higher frequencies through these media can actually make a big lifechanging shift in our energy!

I find this magical. Especially as empaths, we are so attuned to the usually lower frequencies in our environment in order to keep our eye on the threat and anticipate other people’s needs.

What if we give ourselves resources to tune into that actually uplift us, cleanse our energy and help us heal?

In our healing journey, we have different phases that all play out differently for everyone. There is not one ‘map’ that we all follow, and we can’t compare. For some, very mentally satisfying answers are needed. For others, emotional soothing is needed. Or spiritual reconnection. Or gradual energy work. Or body work.

We have various levels of our being (bodies) and healing one influences the others. We might focus on one of these bodies for a while and then emphasize another – mentally researching information at first, then starting yoga, but shfiting to doing lots of meditation. Or vice versa. It’s not linear. Anyone that tells you there is a right or wrong way to heal is not aligned with the complex and individual nature of our being. I believe that whatever works is what you were guided to by your Higher Self, no matter how little sense it might make to the belief system of others.

I have personally focused on spiritual and energy healing more and more lately, after a long phase of body work (yoga, massages, breathwork) – making and receiving lots of lightcodes, light language and guided meditations.

And with the powerful eclipses, I received a lightworker mission upgrade: to also offer more of this frequency based healing rather than mind/emotion/body work. This is why I haven’t been offering 1:1 sessions or making much of the long talkative videos on my YouTube channel lately – I don’t really have anything to say right now on a mental level, but all the more to share through vibes!

This transmission-based healing and ascension style is not for people that need to satisfy their mind at this point with verbal, logical answers. They are meant for people that are able to feel energy and are open to mindfully shift their frequency. Of course, because everything is connected, an energy transmission will also work your mental, emotional and physical body.

If you resonate, I invite you to check out the latest shorts on my YouTube channel. I added and will add more light language and light code transmissions all focused on entraining with a specific frequency or intention. Playing them on repeat ensures the best results, until you feel saturated!

Using these in my daily life and receiving them from others keeps my energy fresh, aligned and high. I now want to share this more with you all too! Check my YouTube Channel for transmissions like the one below.

Currently I am also offering personalized transmissions, both audio and video, check it out here: