Psychic power

This article goes into the shadow reasons of why we want to develop our psychic gifts. Not to discourage you to do so, but to help you overcome any blocks that prevent you from it. Our psychic gifts are our birthright. We are all naturally psychic and we are evolving towards the full expression of our multidimensional nature. In our DNA are the codes for what is called ‘the siddhis’ – natural miracles of psychic wonder. Those gifts are embedded in our collective memory. We know what’s there. It’s in our ancient texts, our pop culture, our dreams… Telekineses, teleportation, telepathy, instant healing, just to name a few.

When we want to develop our psychic gifts it usually is because we truly desire to Remember who we are. But we might (also) subconsciously be desiring power. Because what would be more powerful than something like telekinesis? If this is the case, the universe might give us challenges that highlight our unintegrated feelings of powerlessness. It’s all about healing. It’s all about integrating our shadow. That’s the road towards power.

What doesn’t happen is the direct manifestation of strong psychic abilities. That wouldn’t serve us, but moreover it’s a vibrational impossibility.

This is not a failure on our end. With the Law of Attraction when we don’t manifest something, it can be due to one of these things:

  1. we carry a vibration that is resisting what we want,
  2. we think we know what we want while in fact we use that as a means to an end to get to another, subconscious desire.

In the second case, what we actually desire (power), we are in the process of manifesting, we just don’t see it yet. We only see our powerlessness and lack of psychic development. But the universe brings us those experiences to heal. Or more neutrally said, because we are a match to them, because those feeling states are subconsciously present in our field. In order to move into our power we have to move through the powerlessness first. But because we resist our desire for power and don’t go about it directly, we get stuck in the experience of powerlessness even with our psychic gifts. So the first thing, resisting what we want, is the case here. But the second thing is true as well, because we truly desire power which is the subconscious desire underneath. That’s why it’s all so confusing!

Luckily, we can unravel this with two steps. When we have a covert operation going on like this, we need to

  1. find out what we think to gain from getting the thing we think we want and
  2. examine our negative beliefs about what we secretly want.

Step 1. Ask yourself if you get stuck with your psychic development: what would you feel like if you were really psychic? Imagine yourself being psychic. Really get into that state: what would the perks be. What would you really appreciate about it? That feeling state is the underlying desire. It can be power, but also significance, peace, safety… go for those feeling states directly by creating more of it, and the psychicness will follow.

Step 2. If that still doesn’t work, ask yourself why would this desired result (power) be such a bad thing? Go to the core. It can be a belief that having power makes us loose connection. There is pain stored there – feel it, process it. And then challenge the belief or it will change naturally. Another belief can be that we don’t trust ourselves with it because we believe we will become corrupted and evil. This is a reflection of childhood figures that didn’t like us when we were ourselves, so they either told us or we made it mean that we were *wrong* and we internalised this. Again, process the traumatic memory, and your vibration will change. You will feel the connection AND the power, the selfworth AND the power.

Now that you have met the underlying needs, either the desire for psychic development will go away or will stay there and then you will finally be able to make progress in it.

Teal Swans definition of power is the ability to bring about what we want.
If we are able to own our underlying desires (the shadow desires), part of the manifestation of this will be more psychic prowess if that’s truly what we desire. But it will serve a different purpose to us then. It won’t be a way to escape from feelings of powerlessness anymore, but a way to embrace who we are & create more of who we are and what we want. When we are in our power, we wouldn’t need that fix of bringing about miracles to feel powerful and significant and whatever other desires are underneath the desire for psychic development.

Eventually we will express the siddhis, the miraculous powers that lie dormant in every one of us – Gene Keys sheds light on what this is for you. But only after moving from the shadow. Hope this helped you see some of the dynamics that go into our reasons for psychic development and why we can get stuck in this.